Stunning Stephen James
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stephen james glamour.pngstephen james elle.jpgStephen-James-Tattoos-disrobed.jpgThese days, anyone who is young and has a neck tattoo deems oneself a "tattoo model," often striving to reach the pinnacle of that career choice: being unpaid and naked in a tattoo magazine. There are, however, professional models, who have tattoos, who represent our community wonderfully in high fashion.

One such model is Stephen James, London-born heavily tattooed hotness, who has graced the international covers and pages of Elle, Glamour, Adon, Hedonist ... and countless ad campaigns, including Diesel. [Stephen is repped by Elite Models Barcelona, Supa Models London, I Love Models Milan, and Wilhelmina Models New York.]

One of my most favorite shoots of Stephen is his "Disrobed" feature in Hedonist magazine, shot by acclaimed photographer Darren Black. [I've included images from that shoot immediately above and below.] Darren beautifully captured the model's stunning tattoo work, which Stephen informed me is largely created by Ottorino D'Ambra of Milan, who is now based in London. Stephen's tattoos include blackwork Mandalas, and portraits of punk Ian Dury and Salvador Dali. The wonderful Jondix created his chest/stomach piece.

While I'm excited to see more tattoos in popular fashion magazines, I wish the tattoo artists would be included in the credits, along with the make-up artists, stylists and others involved in the shoot. I had to reach out to Stephen myself on Facebook to find out about his work by Otto. 

See more on Stephen's Instagram and Otto's Instagram.


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