Tattoo Condom Design Contest
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 tattoo condom.pngArt. Sex. Safety. Cash....

Naturally, Graphic Armor's Tattoo Condom Design Contest caught my attention. But what really made me post the contest on this blog is Graphic Armor's tagline, "We are changing the way the world looks at condoms by changing the way condoms look!"  I think that's important, especially after reading recent stats from the US Department of Health, stating that "over one in eight high school students did not use any contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy during their last sexual intercourse."

Make condoms fun. Keep people safe. Considering that the professional tattoo industry holds health and hygiene at utmost importance, this way of engaging the community is a good fit.

The contest was recently launched and is open to all, not just tattooers and designers. Voting is also open to all. As Graphic Armor notes, "The top three designs, as determined by the voting public, will be printed directly on our approved premium latex condoms for sales and distribution around the planet." Yup, the planet. Here's what else they say on their site:

The winning designers' names will appear on all packaging, including the condom itself!  In addition, the top three winners will get:

1st Place - $1000 plus 200 Tattoo Condoms

2nd Place - $500 plus 100 Tattoo Condoms

3rd place - $250 plus 50 Tattoo Condoms

Voting is open to until 10/6 at 8:00pm (EST) and the winners will be announced on 10/7 at 8:00pm (EST).

Details on how to enter are here.

Already there are some great designs to vote on -- all submitted so far by tattoo artist Pat Fish, known for her Celtic artwork, which she plays with in her condom design. Pat's work has been getting a bunch of votes, so if you're thinking of entering, best to do it sooner than later.

Having no drawing/design skills at all, I won't be entering BUT I did order some condoms with the Needles & Sins logo, which I'll be giving out soon to readers to share the love.

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