Things & Ink Illustration Issue
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things and ink.jpgtattooed women.jpgOnce again, blowing me away with a gorgeous cover and compelling content, Things & Ink magazine has outdone itself with its latest offering, "The Illustration Issue."

The photography, styling and design should be a model of how to present tattooed women in a way that is seductive but not sleazy -- and actually showing their tattoos! Interestingly, editor Alice Snape changed the magazine's tagline from "Embracing Female Tattoo Culture" to "Independent, Tattoo, Lifestyle." Alice writes in her editorial, "Embracing Female Tattoo Culture' was set up to say: 'We're here to appreciate the art, not objectify the person wearing it.' It wasn't ever really intended to say: 'female only!'" Often projects designed to celebrate women erroneously tend to get taken as "anti-men," which is farthest from the case with Things & Ink, but if it takes changing a few words to bring more people to the mag, I'm for it.

You can buy Things & Ink online, at these stockists, or grab it at their stand at the London Tattoo Convention this weekend.

I was pretty excited to enjoy the magazine on a long subway ride, and not worry about people seeing the cover and thinking that I was reading porn (as with a number of other tattoo publications). On the cover is tattoo artist Danielle Rose and her own artwork. Here's more from Alice:

Danielle Rose is renowned for her dark and weeping ladies. With a colour palette of black and two accent colours, her work is instantly recognisable and highly sought after by many tattoo collectors. For The Illustration Issue cover, we've created something truly unique and special. We did a photo shoot with Danielle, and she illustrated over the top of the images. Then we morphed them into one, turning Danielle into an abstract work of art. The artist has become one with her work, the illustrator has become the illustrated.
Danielle's tattooing is also featured in a profile on her inside the magazine. Also profiled are Eva Schatz and Dexter Kay. Other highlights in the magazine for me are "All in the Family," in which the parents of tattooers, including IntoYou's Alex Binnie, discuss their thoughts about tattooing and what it was like finally getting tattooed themselves. There's also "Ancient Ritual in a Modern World" discussing Samoan tattoo traditions, and Amelia Klem-Osterud offers up her expertise on the origins of some "old school" flash. Tons of goodness inside the magazine and too many to list.

In addition to celebrating the launch of this issue, Things & Ink will present tonight, with Atomica Gallery in London, "Miniature Ink" -- an exhibition featuring miniature original artwork from over 100 of the world's leading tattoo artists, with proceeds from the sale of the work going to benefit Sarcoma UK. The opening is tonight from 6-9 pm and runs until October 1st. This will also be a celebration of Things & Ink's second year in publication.

While I won't be there, I'll be raising a glass to the continued success of a wonderful part of our community.    

miniature ink.jpg
Artwork for Miniature Ink by Angelique Houtkamp.

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