Sponsored Post: Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System
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symbeos rotary.jpgI often get asked what's the main thing behind tattooing's popularity today: TV shows? Fashion? Beckham?

I truly believe that it's the incredible artistic heights that we are seeing now in the craft. Maybe Rihanna's midnight tattoo sessions on TMZ play a part, but in the end, I have faith that beauty and art win out over all.

This level of artistry today is the product of certain key components: readily available information--largely via the Internet; the development of fine art skills of tattooers; and the advancement of materials and tools.

It's the tools and how they have evolved that I find particularly fascinating and cool. And so, when Eikon Device approached us about being a Needles & Sins sponsor, and spreading the word about the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System, I thought it was a great fit.

In creating the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System, with HM Tools & Dye, Eikon made the first ever rotary tattoo machine with the adaptability of a coil machine. The lightweight and versatile system features one machine body and a system of interchangeable components, which allows tattoo artists to make quick and easy changes to suit the machine to one's particular needs. Essentially, in this one Symbeos system, is the diverse functionality of many machines.
I hear rumors that the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System also makes tasty fruit smoothies; however, I could only confirm from Eikon that it allows you to do the following:
  • Easily make changes without risking your current machine setup.
  • Switch out your motor to change the speed and torque.
  • Swap out your slide to adjust the give.
  • Change the stroke wheel to adjust the stroke length.
Testimonials from well-respected tattoo artists, including Horimatsu and Daemon Rowanchilde, affirm that the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System lives up to its reputation. For example, in this video, Daemon explains to a client that the Symbeos is "gentlest, easiest to control machine ever," and also notes how a more refined machine like the Symbeos means that there will be the less irritation on the skin.

The Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System is available as a Deluxe or a Flex and is ready to tattoo -- right out of the box. Add extra Symbeos Machine Bodies to either System and build an arsenal of Symbeos Rotary Tattoo machines at a fraction of the cost of an industry standard rotary tattoo machine.
Find out more here: www.eikondevice.com/symbeos.

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