Tattoos Post-Mortem
02:24 PM
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There's been a bunch of talk in the news recently about what to do with your tattoos once you're dead. The buzz largely surrounds the skin preservation offerings of the Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing -- the work of Peter van der Helm, owner of Walls and Skin, a tattoo and a graffiti supply shop in Amsterdam.

This isn't a new story. I posted on Peter's "preserve your tattoos" project last year, when he began working on the service, but it seems that interest has grown exponentially since then. According to The Guardian:

More than 50 people have already signed up with the Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing, so that after their deaths, pathologists can remove the skin carrying their tattoo, pack it in formaldehyde and send it to a laboratory where the water and fat will be removed and replaced with silicone. They then become the property of the foundation, put on display or "loaned" to family and friends of the deceased.
The Guardian also spoke to our friend Dr. Matt Lodder on the history behind tattooed skin preservation; Matt notes that there are collections of tattooed skin at museums in Krakow, Tokyo and London; however, a big difference in this case, is that "the foundation is ensuring the tattoos that are preserved are kept with the owner's permission."

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