Tattooed Condoms
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GA-Contest-Winner-Press-Release-Image-LO.jpgThe tattoo condom design contest by Graphic Armor, which kicked off in September, recently announced its winner -- a feminist design concept by Paris-based lingerie designer Britta Uschkamp. Garnering over 10,000 votes, Britta's tongue-in-cheek "Fleurs-2-Bite" design -- largely flowers composed of phalluses -- rose above the 164 submissions created by artists, including tattooers, from 33 countries. You can also check the 2nd and 3rd place winners here.    

In this Lingerie Talk article on her design, Britta explained more about the design:

The concept of the print is a visual analysis of typically male flirting behaviours -- e.g. gifting flowers and compliments as a pretext for nothing more complex than basic human desire. [...] Behind every flower, when you look closely, you can see the symbol of male power.
Britta first developed the print over ten years ago while a student at the Institute Francais de la Mode. You can see the sample lingerie pieces above.

While the contest was going on, I really enjoyed looking through the fun and funny submissions, especially seeing how people got creative with classic tattoo designs.

More important, I support Graphic Armor's mission "to change the way people look at condoms by changing the way condoms look."  In fact, we even made our own condoms (below)! I'll be giving those out at conventions, and also as freebies with purchases of my books and other upcoming merch in the works.

Enjoy and be safe!

tattoo condom.png

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