The Proust Questionnaire: Marco Serio
07:17 AM
Marco Serio tattoo.jpgMarco Serio tattoo1.jpgMarco Serio tattoo2.jpgVibrant and dynamic tattoo work, largely inspired by Japanese and Americana tattooing traditions, make up the portfolio of Marco Serio. Marco, who was a resident artist at Manhattan's Invisible NYC for over five years, moved to Amsterdam in 2011, working at a local shop and then in his own private studio. Most recently, however, he gathered a crew of 9 top tattooers, each with their own unique tattoo point of view, and opened The Blue Blood Studios in Amsterdam.

Despite running a crazy busy studio, Marco took some time to play along with our Proust Questionnaire for Tattooists:

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? 

To be completely unhappy with a tattoo I have done. That is why I strive to not let that happen.

What is your idea of earthly happiness? 
Walking into the studio with my fiance, hanging out with the crew and tattooing.

Your most marked characteristic? 

What is your principle defect?  
I'm a scatterbrain.

Your favorite painters? 
Hieronymus Bosch, Istvan Sandorfi, Benjamin Cohen, Picasso's early years, and Dali.

Your favorite musicians?
Dan Auerbach, Miles Davis, Howlin' Wolf, and Lightnin Hopkins.

Who are your favorite writers? 
Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, Fernando Pessoa, and Walt Whitman.

Your favorite virtue?

Who would you have liked to be? 
Marcus Aurelius.

How would you like to die? 
In my sleep.

What is your present state of mind?
Calm and happy.

What is your motto?
The bigger the sacrifice, the greater the reward.

See more of Marco's work on The Blue Blood site, Facebook, and Instagram.

Also, The Blue Blood Studios will be hosting several upcoming events for both fellow tattooers (painting nights in which visiting artists will share their knowledge) and day donations for charities (a day for the homeless, a for battered women, and a for kids in need). Check in with the studio on Facebook.

marco serio tattooing.jpg

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