Holiday Gift Guide: Raking Light Prints
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Alex Binnie art print.jpgAlex Binnie's  "Freddy" print above.

Alex Binnie Calypso print.jpgAlex Binnie's  "Calypso" print above.

One of the foremost respected online art galleries that sells original art and collectible prints by stellar tattoo artists is Raking Light Projects, a company owned and operated by veteran tattooer Eddy Deutsche and Andrew Fingerhut. 

As I wrote in our post on Raking Light back in 2012, around the time of its launch, select artists are invited to create artwork exclusively for Raking Light Projects.  All prints are produced in limited numbers, and select originals are also available for purchase on the site.

Prints include artwork by Eddy himself, as well as those created by tattoo artists who include Chad Koeplinger, Jondix, Virginia Elwood, Thomas Hooper, and Horizakura, among many others.

For our Holiday Gift Guide, I chose to feature a couple of my favorites by Alex Binnie, famed tattooer/owner of Into You Tattoo, and printmaker. The "Calypso" and "Freddy [Corbin]" prints, shown above, are 24" x 32" serigraphs on Magnani Incisioni paper, printed as an artist-embossed single edition of 100, respectively, and come with signed Certificates of Authenticity.  The print price for each is $100.

For me, the varied price points are an outstanding feature of Raking Light, making high quality prints accessible to art lovers with different budgets; some prints are as low as $60.

Check their full gallery/store online.    

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