Life Lessons by Les Rice
03:21 PM
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"Women are tougher than men."

Naturally, this caught my attention when a Canberra Times profile on Australian tattooer Leslie Rice -- and his life lessons -- appeared in my tattoo alerts yesterday.

The second generation tattoo artist, who is the son of Les Bowen, offers advice that go beyond tattooing, which include the following:

Perimeters or limitations on creative expression are helpful. 

If you're completely free to make anything it can be stultifying, you don't really know quite what to do. If you have limits and boundaries on creativity that sets you in motion, you can actually make something of any kind of worth.

The insidious nature of fashion.

The logic of fashion has infiltrated everything. In tattooing it just does not belong, but sadly it's here whether we like it or not. Fashion and tattooing are the world's worst bedfellows because fashion is that thing that every six months you have to change for some arbitrary reason, but a tattoo is something that can't be changed. A lot of people are approaching tattooing from a fashion angle and 6-12 months later you can look at their tattoo and tell exactly what month it was done because you know when that was hot, and that's a sad thing. 

Read the rest here.

You can find Les at his two LDF Tattoo shops, in Newtown and Marrickville, Sydney, and at the The Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo today through the weekend.

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