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star wars tattoo.jpgPhoto above by Davann Srey.

There were a bunch of fun features in the recent tattoo news ...

My favorite pieces were on the The Tattoo Pavilion at the Star Wars Celebration this past weekend. There were 45 tattoo artists on the convention floor offering Star Wars-themed tattoos for hardcore fans. The LA Times had a special feature -- "Star Wars Celebration: Tattoos, a convention" -- which had some interesting info (at least for this tattoo law geek) about how the tattooers working the show paid a fee to be a "a Lucasfilm-licensed artist," meaning they had a right to tattoo the iconic *trademarked* images without a galactic legal battle.

Also check this video of one fan getting tattooed at the show. For some great photos from the Star Wars convention, check the Flickr Album of Davann Srey, a contributor to io9.com. Find more from Davann on Facebook.

Another favorite piece this weekend: this video of Betty White meeting people who have tribute tattoos to her on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In Kimmel's Wall of America segment, the 93-year-old powerhouse seems shocked -- very shocked -- by the very real devotion of 9 fans (out of so many) who have her face on them. When asked how she felt, Betty said, "It makes me feel wonderful and so glad I'm not them!" It's pretty adorable. I've embedded the video below. Take a look.

Speaking of kickass women, there's a cute article on a grandmother who celebrated her 92nd birthday with her first tattoo.

I was also inspired by this social justice news item:  The Terre Haute Tattoo Company offered free LGBT pride tattoos in protest of Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence, in essence, allows individuals and businesses to refuse services and jobs to people based on their sexual orientation in the name of "religious freedom." In response, the artists at Terre Haute Tattoo Company offered free LGBT pride designs, with over 100 people lining up to get a heart, a triangle, or a rectangle, all with rainbow colors. Hopefully, their tattoo messages will have an impact and rally others against this discriminatory law, which goes into effect in July.  

The BBC's "Refusing racist tattoos in Hungary" was not really a truly engaging video piece, but is worth nothing for the debate on "giving clients what they want," particularly when what they want are hate symbols. Do you refuse to do them or help show the world what kind of people they are?

Finally, two female tattooers were recently featured: the OC Weekly profiles Evie Yapelli of Laguna Ink, and the Daily News of the University of California profiled Pat Fish. Both good reads.

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