Sponsored Post: Electrasyn Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse
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Electrasyn-NAS-004 copy.jpgElectrasyn Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse is touted as "Pure f#%king magic in a bottle," but really, it's about the science of getting a clean, beautifully healed, vibrant tattoo -- and an even better tattoo experience.

Electrasyn can be used in tattoo or piercing processes from prep, right through to aftercare to help get rid of bacteria and dirt from the skin's surface, all without harsh chemicals or alcohols. Because of this, it can be used around the eyes, ears, mouth and nose in addition to the rest of the client's skin, and makes it versatile for piercings as well.

Working with the skin, and not against it, Electrasyn has skin-friendly pH -- optimal skin pH is 5.5, exactly where Electrasyn's pH is at. This pH, combined with the highest concentration of the "magic" ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, means that it helps keep skin calm during the tattoo and also helps in recovery. In the artist testimonials on Electrasyn's site, veteran tattooers offer their thoughts on the benefits of the product. For one, Jime Litwalk says, "It helps with the reduction of redness and swelling so I can concentrate on producing better art, along with the peace of mind it delivers for safety and sanitation."

Artists have also attested to improved color saturation & pigment retention in their tattoos when used throughout the entire tattoo process and in aftercare. According to Electrasyn, with less exudates pushing out of the skin, there's less swelling/scabbing, and thus, thinner peels so more of the ink stays where you need it to. And that could also mean less time for skin to recover.

Electrasyn Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse is manufactured in the U.S. by PuriCore, with exclusive distribution by Eikon. It's FDA-Cleared & Health Canada Approved, shelf-stable, biodegradable & environmentally safe so no special handling or disposal.

 You can purchase Electrasyn through Eikon and their Authorized Dealers.  Visit Electrasyn.com for more details.

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