Apparel Design by Loic Lavenu aka Xoil
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xoil gap remix.jpgRenowned for innovating tattoo art design, largely with exciting graphic abstractions, Loic Lavenu -- aka Xoil -- has partnered with apparel brands, big and small, so that collectors can now grab his artwork with a painless click online.
Loic was one of the 11 artists from around the world to design a limited edition tee for Gap's Remix Project, a collection in which the artists were asked to reimagine Gap's logo in their own signature styles. In this video (embedded below) for the project, Loic shares his personal story -- how he came to tattooing and his philosophy on the craft, which includes his thoughts on the transfer of energy between artist and client. There's some deep thinking in this 2-minute video and definitely worth a look. You can purchase Loic's Remix design here


Also check Loic's design for Morgan English's Tattrx line, limited edition apparel hand-printed here in Brooklyn. A portion of the profits from the sale of the tees are being donated to DirectRelief.org, which coordinates with existing boots-on-the-ground efforts to give immediate support to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. You can purchase the tees here.  
In addition to apparel, Loic has also designed for Peugeot's 108 tattoo model car, and he has a project in the works with a luxury Swiss watchmaker.

In light of all this, it's particularly interesting that Loic has taken a break from his digital compositions and gone deep into tattoo's roots, handpoking "retro flash," which you can see here on his Facebook page (including the piece shown below). You can learn more in this great video focusing on just his handpoke work: XOIL - TATOUAGE SANS MACHINE. The interview is in French, with English subtitles forthcoming.

Oh, and there's even more cool stuff: check Loic's 7 & 15 project, which he describes as the following: "Tattoo performance, timed on a stop watch, 7 minutes for animals, 15 minutes for portraits, tattoo is finished when the clock stops, done with machine." There are some super cool works, which are hard to believe were created in such a tight time frame.

For those seeking an appointment, Loic's manager Chris recently wrote on Facebook that Loic c
losed his studio in Thonon, France and will be a resident artist, from September 1, 2015, at DropinShop in Lausanne, Switzerland. You can send your appointment requests to info@dropinshop.ch with the mention "Xoil Tattoo."

Ok, I've given you a lot of Loic in one post. Explore and enjoy!

xoil tattoo.jpg

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