Marie Claire: Behind the Ink
08:42 AM
Behind the Ink.pngSuper-smart, beautiful badasses are repping tattooed women in this video (embedded below) created by Marie Claire magazine, entitled, "Behind The Ink."

The 4-minute film features five "brilliant and successful women about why they got their ink and how having tattoos has affected them personally and professionally." There's naturally discussion of stereotypes. The wonderful Alice Snape, editor of Things & Ink, notes that, while she does not know the origins of how "slutty" became a common adjective for tattooed women, tattoo media that uses pornographic style imagery perpetuate myths that don't exist.

And those myths can carry over into how one is perceived at work, in online dating (Are we "wife material"?), and even at the altar in a pretty wedding dress. Despite the seriousness of the topic, the women featured discuss these issues in a light, positive way and with grace. In addition to Alice Snape, you'll also hear the stories of Things & Ink columnist, salon owner, ReeRee Rockette (@reereerockette); Mary Kate Trevaskis (@marycupkate), Communications Director at Smashbox Cosmetics and Bumble and Bumble; Katie Parsons (@katieparsons), a Kerrang! Radio DJ and Social Media Strategist; and London-based tattooer Tracy D (@tracydtattoos), who tattoos Anita Bhagwandas, Marie Claire Senior Beauty Editor on film.

It's not often that a mainstream publication takes a thoughtful pro-tattooed women approach, so I recommend giving it some Hits and Likes to show that negative trolling shouldn't grab more headlines. 

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