Painted Lady Fitness and Tattoo Artist Stretching Routine
11:41 PM
tattooartistyoga.jpgGraphic above by JF Biron of The Kustom Kulture in Montreal.

At the Empire State Tattoo Expo this weekend, I was having a conversation with Rising Dragon Tattoo's Darren Rosa (who has been tattooing 30 years and is a triathlete) about the toll tattooing can take on an artist's body over the years without prevention. Then Darren told me about Ashley Silversides, a yoga teacher and personal trainer who has taken a special interest in tattoo artist wellness.

I checked out Ashley's Painted Lady Fitness site -- and her social media pages on on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook -- and the information she generously shares is fantastic!

When I reached out to Ashley, who is heavily tattooed, about her practice, she told me, "I love the tattoo community so much and my hope is to help as many tattoo artists along the way that I can, so they can continue to do what they love for as long as they choose."

And so, she put together stretching guides, providing photos, explanations and the benefits, directed specifically towards tattooers. On her website under Tattoo Artist Corner are two free downloadable PDF books: Tattoo Artist Stretching Guide (the focus is full body) and Tattoo Artist Stretching Guide 2 (the focus is hip flexors and rotator cuffs). A 45-minute Preventative Maintenance Yoga for Tattoo Artist video (embedded below) is also available on her YouTube channel.

I also asked Ashely, who is based in Ontario, about where we can find her offline, and she wrote:
Just the past few months I had the privilege of teaching my tattoo artist yoga class at the Maritime Tattoo Festival in Halifax and the NIX Tattoo Convention in Toronto. I taught the classes in the morning before the shows began setting artists up to feel relaxed and ready for the day! I am just in the works of sorting the details to head to Boston in August for the tattoo convention to continue to share my love for wellness with everyone there.
At some of the conventions, Ashley is offering this fun yoga flash sheet (below) for purchase, painted by Andrew Ottenhof from The Foundry Tattoo in Odessa, Ontario. 

Tattooyogaflash.jpg Beyond conventions, Ashley just had the opportunity to teach a free yoga class for Lululemon in Kingston and over 100 yogis came out to practice with her. She says it was "a very surreal and humbling moment."

I started following Painted Lady Fitness on Instagram and already have found tons of inspiration to get healthier. Whether you tattoo or not, I highly recommend you checking her out.

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