Video: Why are tattoos permanent?
08:46 AM
tattoo science.png
The folks at Reactions: Every Chemistry YouTube channel recently posted their Why are Tattoos Permanent? video [embedded below], focusing on how pigment stays in your skin for a lifetime (and some more time after that).

I've posted a bunch of articles and videos on "how tattoos work" but this is a good refresher, particularly in the way tattoo permanence is explained by Dr. Claudia Aguirre -- who is getting tattooed as she's talking. A lot of what Dr. Aguirre notes in the video can be found on her website post on "Tattoos & Skin Health." There's also her recent article for the Washington Post called, "All the science that goes into a single tattoo," which is a good read.

The video itself has some of the same tattoo cliches and doesn't take it as seriously as I would like for a science channel, but I guess there has to be some dumbing down to make chemistry more accessible for people like me (whose science scores forced us into being lawyers).

Overall, it's a quick & interesting look.

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