CryptTV: Allison's Tattoo to Transcend Breast Cancer
07:34 AM
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Video Channel CryptTV, whose tag is "Weird is good," has a beautiful, heart-string tugging profile on filmmaker Allison W. Gryphon, discussing her mastectomy tattoo. The angel and butterfly wings placed around her breast was done in LA by Zulu of Zulu Tattoo, who has worked with a number of breast cancer fighters.

Directed by Michael Gaston Bitar, Alison's Permanent profile takes us through her story, from her diagnosis 4 years ago to the multiple rounds of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Most powerfully, she speaks of not feeling "back" on the inside, even when her treatment was over. It was getting her tattoo that changed that feeling. She says it was "the first time that she felt done," and that the tattoo closed the cancer treatment door and opened up the rest of her life.

You can read more about Allison and her experiences in an earlier post I did three years ago on her:  "A Tattoo to Transcend a Breast Cancer Battle."

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