London Tattoo Convention Coverage
08:10 AM
lomdon tattoo convention best of show.jpgThis past weekend my phone was blowing up with photo and video messages from friends who were working and playing at The London Tattoo Convention -- playing without me. But I'm not a hater, and even though work kept me from the convention this year, I loved feeling the intense energy and creative boom that came through my phone, even if the images were a bit blurred and my friends words were very slurred after having a little too much fun.

Thankfully, the professional news corps also captured the scene, offering more images and video without the wobble:  

And, of course, the convention's Instagram and Facebook pages made me feel like I was there. I particularly loved the photo above of the Best of Show tattoo by Julian Siebert, Corpsepainter Tattoo, Germany -- for which many on Facebook commented with their own photos this work and its creation.  
I plan on being back at the London convention next year, with a slew of my own bad photos to share, but for now, enjoy a look into this year's show from the pros.

The International London Tattoo Convention 2015 : Saturday Teaser from Black Rock Creative on Vimeo

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