Collector Profile: Todd Torres
08:33 AM
Todd Torres tattoos.jpgTattoos above by @alan_ink @beestingtattoo @meganjeanmorris @tattoos_by_anam @jesselevitt @boristattoo.

Boris tattoo.jpg

Tattoo above by Boris of Hungary.
tattoo by John Wayne.jpgTattoo above by John Wayne.

randyengelhar.jpgTattoo above by Randy Engelbard.

I'm embarrassing at tattoo conventions. When I see someone wearing or creating beautiful work, I get ... overenthusiastic. This has led to many walking away from me, with a mix of fear and confusion. But it has also led to many friendships, based on a shared loved and excitement for tattoos. Thankfully, Todd Torres falls in that latter category.

I first met Todd via the tattoo social media web and got to admire his growing collection posted online; however, meeting him at the Toronto Tattoo Convention last year, and seeing how wonderful the tattoos look in person, brought out the true tattoo geek in me. You'll understand why when you check this list of artists who have tattooed him:

Randy Engelhard, Boris, Anam, Marshall Bennett, Megan Jean Morris, Joe Riley, Jason Peacher, Mathew Clarke, Rember, Dmitry VisionDan Henk, Lalo, Alan Ramirez, Jessie Levitt, and John Wayne.

Yup, an amazing collection -- which was recently featured Sullen TV's Tattoo Collector series.

In the video, Todd shares some of his tattoo stories and thoughts on collecting. He's refreshingly straight forward, with none of the grand monologues you see on reality TV about deep existential experiences behind every ounce of ink; in fact, he says that only one tattoo, a rose in tribute to his grandmother, holds meaning beyond the artwork. Todd explains that his tattoos are a hobby, one that he gets to indulge in as he frequently travels being a professional poker player.

Check the video (embedded below) to see more of Todd's work. You may also want to check the tattoo feed that Todd curates on Instagram for @thebragartlist, a mobile app designed to help people easily find where they can get great tattoos.

I'll be doing more posts on tattoo collectors like Todd, in addition to artist profiles.  And yes, they will all be overenthusiastic.

mgm and anam tattoo.jpg

mgm and anam tattoo collab.jpgCollaborative tattoo by Anam and Megan Jean Morris

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