Star Wars Tattoo Tributes
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Chris Jones Star Wars Tattoo.pngTattoo above by Chris Jones.

Ad Pancho Star Wars Tattoo.pngTattoo above by AD Pancho.

Darth Vader Tattoo.pngTattoo above by Freds, Exotic Tattoo Murcia.

star wars tattoos.png
Tattoos above by Josh Bodwell.

And so it has begun.

The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has lit up the media, social and otherwise, like a billion lightsabers.  The excitement surrounding the film has inspired even more fans to wear their Wookiees on their sleeves. With a simple #starwarstattoo search, you can see tons of fantastic--and not so fantastic-- works, demonstrating just how many people are willing to show permanent dedication to the film.  

You can find some of the best works in the Star Wars tattoo bible, The Force in the Flesh, which released a second volume of its coffee table hardcover book, with over 1000 photos telling the stories of 57 different Star Wars tattoo collectors and artists from around the world (including members of Mastodon and Generation Kill). You can also get the two-volume set here.

Then there's the TV show Epic Ink, featuring the tattooers of Area 51 Tattoo in Springfield, Oregon, who specialize in hyper-realistic work, with a great deal of their portfolios being characters and scenes from sci-fi films, comics, and cartoons. What I find particularly interesting is that five of Area 51's artists -- including Josh Bodwell and Chris Jones (above) -- are among the few people worldwide who are actually licensed by Lucasfilm studio to tattoo its trademarked properties.

There was even a "Tattoo Pavilion" at the Star Wars Celebration last April, with
45 tattoo artists on the convention floor offering Star Wars-themed tattoos for hardcore fans. Check the LA Times' special feature on that show: "Star Wars Celebration: Tattoos, a convention."

For those looking for Star Wars tattoo art without the pain and commitment, there are some  cool flash sheets, like this one by Parlor Tattoo Prints, and temporary tattoos like this Boba Fett set by Tattify.

Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, the creativity and technique behind these odes to the film are something we all can appreciate. [I'll end on this note and not a geeky Yoda quote I'm tempted to throw in.]

Star Wars flash.jpg

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