Stick & Poke Pop-up Tattoo Shop
07:56 AM

Past posts on stick & poke tattoos -- particularly the sale of commercial stick & poke kits -- have led to some interesting debates, and I'm guessing this video on The Dirty Poke, a backyard stick-and-poke tattoo shed, will lead to one too.

The Dirty Poke was a month-long art show/tattoo shop in a converted tool shed in Mount Washington, Los Angeles.  On Sundays, the artists gave hand-poked, as well as machine, tattoos of "imagery related to the rustic side of LA Life."

A lot of what you see in the video are those hipster "I don't care if it's dumb and shitty" tattoos, and the artists featured, Matthew Johnson and Joel Kyack, take an irreverent approach to tattooing, which may annoy some, particularly when Matt characterizes tattoos as bad decisions.

Like many who preach the democratization of tattooing through stick & pokes, Joel talks about how anyone can do a handpoke and how he teaches others by using his body as their scratchpad. There's no discussion of health and hygiene, but that doesn't make for a fun video anyway. And whatever you think of the discussion, the video is pretty fun, and Super Deluxe did a good job with it. Worth a look.

For a more serious look at hand tattooing and some artful examples, check this post on Handpoke Tattoo: 23 Artists' Words and Ink.

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