Horror Tattoo Masters
11:13 AM
Paul Acker tattoo.pngPaul Acker tattoo above.

Jason Butcher tattoos.pngJason Butcher tattoo above.

Paul Booth Face tattoo.pngPaul Booth tattoo above. More on this facial tattoo here.

On this Halloween, I'm highlighting horror and dark art tattoos by some masters of this genre. I've always been fascinated by how beautiful these works can be, even with sinister undercurrents.

In an old interview I did with the "Dark Lord of Tattooing," Paul Booth, explains the attraction to this style:

The general public tends to think that the people who come to me for work are a bunch of deviant, social misfits looking for shock value. But for my clients, underneath all the initial surface shock or negative tones, ultimately there's a positive...[A] lot of people leave here feeling empowered for many reasons, and I don't know how that could be negative.

Tony Mancia tattoo.pngTony Mancia tattoo above.

Robert Hernandez tattoo.pngRobert Hernandez tattoo above.

Josh Duffy and Jeremiah Barba collab.pngJosh Duffy and Jeremiah Barba collaboration tattoo above.

zombie tim kern.jpgPortrait of Tim Kern by Tim Kern on Paul Laverty.

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