P.Ink Day 2016: Tattoo Transformations
07:06 AM
mastectomy tattoo by David Allen.png
Tattoos above by David Allen over double mastectomy scars.

mastectomy tattoo by ariesrhysing.png Tattoo above by Aries Rhysing of All Sacred Tattoo.

mastectomy tattoo by Erin Torola.pngTattoo in progress above by Erin Torola.

This month, the wonderful Personal Ink project, or P.ink, has organized over 60 tattoo artists, in 14 cities across North American, to work with over 60 women who had breast cancer to create beautiful works of art over mastectomy scars.

Tattooing has already begun, as shown with the works above, which you can find on the P.ink Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check the hashtag #pinktattooday for updates.

I was honored to work with the Personal Ink Team for its inaugural P.ink Day in 2013 in NYC; since that time, more than 100 survivors in over 20 cities have benefited from the experience.

Check the P.ink blog for videos on past events and upcoming coverage of this year's P.ink Day.

If you'd like to support this wonderful cause, consider making a donation to the P.ink Fund at http://p-ink.org/give.

p.ink day.jpg

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