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I'm writing this post while my newborn is napping. That's her above, but without the tattoos. I just used a tattoo photo app as an excuse to make posting a picture of my child relevant to a tattoo blog. [Thanks, Inkhunter!] I'm pretty obsessed.

Christina Olga was born his past November, and during my maternity leave from my law practice and tattoo writing, I've been giving thought to the future of, well, everything, including this blog.

Where do we go from here, my fellow tattoo nerds?

I'm tired of telling tattooed kids to get off my lawn. I will join them and get more social, even if it means stomping on the turf of long-form writing. The Needles & Sins social media platforms have always been a supplement to this blog, but now they will carry the most updated info in nice, easily digested chunks with pretty pictures. And hashtags. Damn those hashtags!

So, on the @needlesandsins Instagram, you won't just find images of beautiful tattoos I share from top tattooers, but also images that reflect the latest tattoo headlines (like a modified news review), photos from tattoo events, and other artistic inspiration.

On the Needles & Sins Syndicate Facebook group, we'll all post news links and tattoo topics for dynamic discussions. [We'll keep limiting it to tattoo discourse and not a place to promote personal work and projects. There are plenty of tattoo classified sites for that.]

On Twitter, I'll keep pulling it all together in 140 characters.

[Maybe I'll get to Snapchat between diaper changing and doing "lawyerly stuff" (that's a fancy legal term).]

And I'll still post more in-depth features here, just less frequently. I'll alert you on the other platforms when I do.

Because this blog has been a personal project, I'll continue to overshare things that upset my parents, and naturally, throw in a bunch of baby photos, with and without Photoshopped tattoos.

But beyond the personal, this has always been a community project, so continue to alert me, via tagging or messaging, to cool tattoo-related goodness for all of us to share and enjoy.

We remain a tattoo family, even with the new addition of some chubby baby cheeks.

I kiss you,

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