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04:06 PM
Is this tattoo related?  No.  No it's not (unless you consider the fact that Marisa and I have had this track blasting on a continuous loop at the Needles and Sins Compound today whilst much booty-shaking has taken place).  Regardless, it's just too damned good of a song NOT to bring it to your attention.

Multi-instrumentalist Alex Walker teamed up with Brooklyn soul-singer Len Xiang and MC Kobie Powell (remember him from Us3 back in the 90s?) to give us "Gotta Lose" - a soul/hip-hop track that is easily replacing anything I had previously considered to be my "Summer Jam of 2010."

Not only is it available as a free download at Lapdance Academy, but Alex has decided to make the instrumental/vocal stems available (as well as an Apple GarageBand file) and publish the track under a Creative Commons License.  This enables all of you remixers/producers/masher-uppers to hack away at the song to your heart's content - and select remixes will be given fresh cover-art (courtesy of yours truly) and added to the Lapdance Academy catalog.

Personally, I can't wait to fire up the synths and drum-machines this weekend and get my "hard-house, hyphy, ragga, shoegaze" remix on...
02:10 PM
Not that I spend a lot of time - or any time for that matter - reading Entertainment Weekly, but Jay Fingers from The Ministry of Cool and StereoCool brought this article to my attention the other night over some adult beverages at the Needles and Sins Compound.

Turns out that Penguin Books is releasing a "Penguin Inks" series "in which the publisher commissioned tattoo artists and illustrators to re-imagine the covers of six modern classics."

Of course, they fail to mention anywhere the names of these tattoo artists, so I can't exactly give credit where it's due.  In fact, it really wouldn't surprise me if they just hired an in-house design team to do something in a "tattoo style." 

Now that I think about it, I really can't understand why any of these books would need tattoo-centric cover art.  From the standpoint of a graphic designer, I don't understand how this stylistic choice represents or enhances the stories beneath the dust-jacket; other than a "Well, tattoos are cool" perspective.

What are your thoughts?  Anyone know who these artists are?

(Oh, and while I have my "graphic designer" cap on, I'd like you all to know that I did the cover art - as well as produce and engineer - a pair of indie/electro tracks for Alex Walker, available right now as a free download from Lapdance Academy.  You can grab them in high quality MP3 format right over here.)

05:54 PM
mock1.gifNot to say that I'm among their ranks, but I happen to know a lot of talented people.  People who inspire me through their individual avenues of expression - be it music, acting, writing, painting, tattooing, photography or just bare-bones intelligence.  And then there are people like Alex Walker - a guy who has made myself and plenty of my rock-n-roll cronies just shake our heads and mutter, "Shit... I ain't NEVER gonna be that good."  Whether he's finger-picking a Leo Brouwer Etude on the subway platform or creating a delay-pedal homage to Michael Jackson in his bedroom, I always have to sit back and drool.

So its with great pleasure that I announce today's official release of his latest track, "Sacrifice," available for free download at

You can read Alex's thoughts on the song over here at his blog, but I prefer the opening paragraph from his press release:

How do you release a "Summer Anthem" during a season plagued with monsoons worthy of a January in Jakarta?  If you're ALEX WALKER, you don't give a fuck; you just write the song and wait for Al Roker, Al Gore and the rest of the world to catch up with you.  SACRIFICE, the latest single from ALEX WALKER, is the track you would have heard bumping from drop-tops in every major city if we had actually had a "summer."

It's free to download, so quit sittin on yer thumbs and get clicking!
10:48 PM
If I could have shot more footage, I would have - but I was living within a personal combination of medical triage, the Tet Offensive, Nuclear Holocaust and metaphysically being mistaken (once again) for Chris Daughtry. 

But for those of you who were unable to attend, either due to geography, gravity or genetic obligation, I offer this little sampling of the Needles and Sins launch party, featuring the outstanding photography of Sean Toussaint...

Needles and Sins - Tattoo Orgy from Brian Grosz on Vimeo.

12:17 PM
tattoo orgy.jpg
Last week, I gave you the deets on our party and exhibit entitled Tattoo Orgy, featuring the portrait photography of Sean Toussaint and music by Lapdance Academy artists Alex Walker and Brian Grosz.

The party starts at Tattoo Culture at 7PM and goes until 10. After-party TBA. But I got more goodness for party goers ...

Because we want this to be an affair of the senses, we're adding to the visual and musical feast two more elements:

Taste:  Tattoo Culture owner, Chris Budd, will be offering sandwiches and easy eats, particularly because Hornitos Sauza Tequila will be a sponsor of the event, and with two cases of premium tequila on hand, we need to feed liquor filled bellies so we don't find resident artist Gene Coffey being used as a skinny tattooed pinata. (Wine and beer will also be served.)

Touch:  Considering the name of the event, and the tattooed models and guests in attendance, we understand that some will want to explore their sense of sexy touch, but this ain't that kinda party. Still, we got your back -- and your shoulders and hands -- with the invitation of Kimanthi Care, Qigong Master and licensed massage therapist, who will be offering acupressure and massage during the party (for reasonable fees).

[Kimanthi takes care of Bri and I regularly; when people ask how we handle our insane schedules, we say, Go to our man Kimanthi, who not only helps us relax but also gets the positive energy flowing via Qigong.]

The only sense missing is smell, and we hope to keep it that way.

Can't wait to see you there tomorrow!
09:54 AM

Last night I Tweeted the rockin ruckus of Alex Walker & our own Brian Grosz at Corio, particularly the carny rendition of B's Lydia The Tattooed Lady -- which can be streamed here or downloaded for free on

In response, my buddy Steve in Athens, reminded me of another great ode to needled divas: Rory Gallagher's Tattoo'd Lady. Love it!

For more tattoo tunes, check Rae Schwarz "Under My Skin iMix".
02:23 PM
parkside_poster_150.gifNow that we have Passover, Easter and Tax Day behind us, it's time to celebrate with another afternoon of FREE live music at Parkside Lounge!

Saturday, April 18th - 2pm
Lapdance Academy Presents:
"Death, Taxes & Resurrection"
317 E. Houston St. (at Attorney)
New York, NY

We'll be welcoming our newest additions to the lineup (The Celebration of Man, Samuel Barron, Seth Berkowitz of Lucky Ghost and Matt Whyte of Earl Greyhound) as well as performances from all your old favorites (Alex Walker, Emily Zuzik, Dorie Colangelo, Len Xiang, The Knuckleheads and yours truly)!

Everyone is encouraged to dress in the "Easter Best" now that spring has sprung - and what better way to spend a 70 degree, sunny saturday than in a dark LES bar? It's a FREE SHOW, but the hat will be passed and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Save The Music Foundation.

And speaking of FREE...

Odds are you illegally download music from the internets. There's also a strong chance that this racks you with such guilt that you lie awake in bed at night thinking about all of the bloated, soulless industry fat cats artists that you've stolen money from. Well, my friends, I have the question for you: what if artists actually gave their stuff away for free, on purpose, and it was actually good?

Crazy Talk, I know, but that very thing is happening at the newly launched Lapdance Academy.

Lapdance Academy is a collective of musicians who believe that the best things in life should be free: love, fountain-soda refills and DRM-exempt mp3 releases! Head on over to to download a free copy of Alex Walker's classic crowd-pleaser, "White Gown," and my shanty-town sing-a-long, "Lydia The Tattooed Lady."

We'll have plenty of more releases coming in the near future (including "From Soil To Shale" by Dogs of Winter on 5/12), so be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on the social networking platform of your choice:

Smell that? That's the smell of Free! And in this godforsaken economy, we need to embrace all the Free we can.
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