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In my top five of tattoo documentaries, there is Color Outside the Lines -- the first film to explore the experiences of professional black tattoo artists in America. I wrote about the film here, and I interviewed Miya Bailey, the tattoo artist who conceived and produced the film, which was directed Artemus Jenkins.

I'm revisiting the film today because I just found out that Miya has graciously posted the film in its entirety on YouTube, which I've embedded below. I highly recommend the film for its insightful interviews with legends such as
Jackie Gresham, the first professional black tattoo artist renowned in the US, and Zulu, (whom Miguel interviewed for N+S, posted here), as well as talks with the new generation of tattooers of color. Engaging storytelling and a history lesson, all in an hour & a half.

You can also purchase the DVD for $10 online here.  For more, click Miya Bailey's site.

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There's another tattoo web series I wanted to highlight, which features the experience of artists at City of Ink in Atlanta -- from those new to tattooing to their more experienced artists.

"Under the Needle" is produced by tattooist Miya Bailey (owner of City of Ink) and filmmaker Artemus Jenkins -- the same people who brought us the wonderful documentary "Color Outside the Lines," which we wrote about here. Here's what they say about this new project:
Under the Needle will provide viewers with insight into what you as a consumer, should look for when you make the decision to get a tattoo. You will learn about the different styles of body art, techniques used, how artists come up with their ideas and actually see them apply these works of art to skin.
I posted the first installment here on Paper Frank, who started off as an apprentice at City of Ink, and has now been tattooing for two years. In it, he discusses his approach to tattooing, especially techniques tattooing black skin.

Also check the other 3 videos already posted.
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In April, I posted the preview to an important and incredibly engaging film on the experiences of professional black tattoo artists across the US"Color Outside the Lines."

The documentary is conceived and produced by Miya Bailey and directed by Artemus Jenkins, and features tattoo icons, like Jackie Gresham -- the first professional black tattoo artist renowned in the US -- a woman who more people need to know about and will thanks to this film. A preview clip with Jackie is below.

In Atlanta, on June 21st, there will be a screening of "Color Outside the Lines" at the Midtown Art Cinema from 7-9:30PM.
You can buy your tickets in advance here for $10 tickets or get the premium ticket for $20, which comes with an advance copy of the DVD.

You can also order the DVD when it drops on June 27th on the film's site.
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In 2009, Miguel Collins interviewed Miya Bailey, tattooist, painter and co-founder of Atlanta's City of Ink. It remains one of our most popular posts, particularly because it dispels a lot of myths about tattoos and people of color. In their Q & A, Miya explains that, yes, you can put color in dark skin, but no, don't think you need to drill it in there. He also talks about his difficulties getting an apprenticeship as a black artist, what he's taught his own apprentices in turn, the relationship between tattooing and fine art, as well as the business behind running a successful shop. It's a great read.

Since that interview, Miya has been working on a film, with director Artemus Jenkins, on the experiences of professional black tattoo artists across the US:

Color Outside the Lines is one of the first of its kind to tackle the issue of race in the tattoo community. It does so in a way that is at times serious and at other times really funny; however, the film is informative and engaging throughout. [I had the pleasure of seeing a preview at the Complex Mag screening.]  The documentary is not yet released -- they are entertaining offers and looking for the right distributor -- but you can get the feel of it from the trailer.

My own Q&A with Miya about the film and his art will be in an upcoming issue of Inked magazine. You can also check Miya out on Blogspot, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

UPDATE:  For an excerpt on my Inked interview with Miya, check out this post.
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It's no secret that black artists are under-represented in tattoo media, but there is film in the making that seeks to remedy that. "Color Outside the Lines: A Tattoo Documentary" is a documentary by Artemus Jenkins and City of Ink's Miya Bailey with the goal of educating people about the possibilities of fine tattoo art and the skilled artists behind it. Here's more:

The film highlights the history of black tattoo culture and how it began in the south despite a heavily segregated climate for black artists seeking entry. We cover signature styles and how those styles have developed and influenced newer artists over the years. Tattooing in the media is another important aspect, as it is the biggest factor of how the cultures influence has spread. It is no secret that entertainers and athletes dictate the trends younger generations pick up on and tattooing is no different. What is suprising is despite the money these cultural icons have, some of their work is no better than the kid who got his in a basement down the street from his house. This further deludes the public as to what great artwork looks like and what is available to everyday people.

Aside from the art, we delve into the personal struggles associated with being an artist; how it affects your social life, personal relationships and other dreams you may have.

The film is still in production and set to be released early next year but they need help raising money for further filming and post production. More details on how you can contribute on their Kickstarter page.

For more discussion on tattooing in the black community, read Miguel's interviews with Miya Bailey and Roni Zulu.

[Via the wonderful InkButter blog.]
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