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steve ma ching tattoo.jpgsteve ma ching tattoo copy.jpgThe ancestral art of Polynesian tattooing, as practiced by Steve Ma Ching, of Samoan and Chinese descent, is being honored at the Creative New Zealand Arts Pasifika Awards next week, where Steve will receive the Senior Artist award for significant contribution to reviving cultural Polynesian tattoos over the last 33 years.

Steve, who owns Western Tattoo Studio Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand, has notably tattooed famed rugby player and boxer Sonny Bill Williams; however, Steve is renowned, not just for his powerful work on sports stars, but for invigorating Samoan tatau for all those who wish to express their cultural pride.

See more of Steve's work via his Facebook albums.

polynesian tattoo.jpg

10:32 PM
Dean Sacred Tattoo.jpg Tattoo by Dean Sacred

On Tuesday, the New Zealand Herald proclaimed a "Huge Renaissance as One in Five Get Tattoos" in the country, and so we thought we'd pay tribute to the vast tattooed Kiwi population with a profile on one of Auckland's stellar shops, Sacred Tattoo.

Sacred opened its doors in 1998 with artists who tattoo in a variety of styles but are particularly known for their Traditional and Neo-Traditional tattoo work. Dean Sacred runs the show with part-owner Dan Andersen (who splits his time with Chapel Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia). Rockin artists in residence are Mark "Dark Mark" Tumaru, Hamish Mclauchlan, and Erin Chance. [Happy Birthday, Erin!] 

Here are teases of their portfolios below. Hit their links for more tattoo goodness.

erin chance tattoo.jpgTattoo by Erin Chance

hamish tattoo.jpgTattoo by Hamish McLauchlan

dark mark.jpgTattoo by Mark Tumaru

Daniel1.jpgTattoo by Dan Andersen

Check Sacred's Facebook page for convention schedules, guests artists and prints & apparel for sale.
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kat von d tattoo.jpg
Today's post is inspired by the numerous emails I've been getting from agents looking for fresh cast members to join LA Ink and a new show, NY Ink (it was only a matter of time).

This Kat Von D tribute was tattooed by the fabulous Erin Chance in Auckland, New Zealand, who is a resident artist at Sacred Tattoo. When I asked Erin what the backstory was behind the tattoo, she said, "The kid just really loves Kat Von D." A tattoo without a grand story and deep meaning? In what reality is this?
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moo tattooing.jpg
Still wrestling with jet lag since my return to Brooklyn from the Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo convention in Auckland so I'll keep this short and simply direct you to pretty pictures.

Check out Mikey Freedom's Flickr set from the show.

He says he has more to upload including pix of me making painful faces during my foot tattoo session with Jacqueline Spoerle. Probably not my best look.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all. Lots of tattoo goodness scheduled for next week.
02:54 AM
Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo convention.jpg
Today was the first day of the Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo Convention in Auckland, New Zealand, and as usual, I took my bad point-n-shoots and uploaded pics to Flickr.

See the Day One photos here.

I'll have a proper redux of the show after this weekend because all I can muster right now is ... wow. I'm overwhelmed with the beauty, kindness and spirit of today's convention, and so to spare you my sentimental melodrama, I'll just leave you with the images of the day. More later.
07:27 PM

In a few hours, I will take off for the Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo Convention, which takes place this weekend in Auckland, New Zealand.

Never before have I been so excited to spend 13 hours on a plane. But for good reason: I'll be witnessing the hand-tapped and machine work of Tatau and Blackwork masters from around the world.

In addition to the tattoo booths and vendors, the convention will host  "The Living Art of Pacific Tattoo" exhibition, a collection of documentaries, photographs and moving images celebrating the many faces of Pacific tattoo, curated by Steven Ball. Also showing is a new series of photographs by Helen Mitchell, celebrating the many faces of western tattooing in Aotearoa.

It will be an education to say the very least, but rather than wait, I've been further researching traditional Tatau. In doing so, I found beautiful online videos called Skin Stories, like the one above, created by Multinesia, a multicultural production company with South Pacific roots, based in LA.

Naturally, I'll be taking my usual bad photos and will have a redux of the convention for ya.

Kia Ora!
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