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06:06 AM
Painting by Billy Morrow Jackson.

Today is Election Day in the US, and while it may not sound punk rock, I do believe in being part of the democratic process and that voting does make a difference. If it didn't, why is so much money being poured into campaigns to court us?  As my friend Steph tweeted, "It's punk as f*ck to stick to your beliefs." And so I hope that you will head to the polls and honor those women, Native Americans, African Americans, the poor and so many others who struggled so we can have some say in our democracy.

For more on the Uncle Sam painting by Billy Morrow Jackson, check out this N+S post.
12:39 PM
billy morrow jackson tattooed man.jpg
This painting by Billy Morrow Jackson, entitled Tattooed Man, was sent to me by my friend Matt Lodder who loves to search through the Smithsonian image archives (Matt's an academic who focuses on body modification, and my fave geek freak).

What gave me goosebumps here is the tattoo portraits of the "Birmingham Four" -- the four girls killed in 1963 by a bomb detonated at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham while attending Sunday school. The church was also used as a meeting place for civil rights leaders. The bomb was placed by Klu Klux Klan member Robert Chambliss who was originally found not guilty of murder and only received a fine and a six-month jail time for possessing dynamite. In 1977, he was tried again with new FBI evidence and sentenced to life in prison (where he died in 1985).

Jackson's painting is a wonderful example of the use of tattoos in fine art to bring home a powerful message.
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