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We kick off our N+S Holiday Gift Guide with our friends at Sullen Clothing, who have been giving us free swag for you to win all year.  Today, they have a special 40% off sale, where you can get serious deals on apparel designed by some of your favorite tattooists, including Jack Rudy, Nikko Hurtado, and Bob Tyrrell, among many others. Also check their tattoo travel bags and cases.

And remember, their contest to win a free tattoo from Bob Tyrrell is still on.

Cheap and free ... we like these offers.
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It's "Black Friday" -- a day where people camp out at malls and beat each other for flat screen TVs and the last run of Elmo dolls.

I can't let you do that.

So, once again, we've put together our own gift guide where purchases can be made with just a click and will go to support indie artisans. Our advertisers also have special deals for N+S readers coming up as well. We kick it off today and will have a bunch of posts for you peppered throughout the weeks up until January 1st.
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In the US, today is deemed "Black Friday":  a day in which people pepper spray, stampede and shoot each other for discount prices. It is a dark day of consumerism with many advocating a "Buy Nothing" campaign. While my cash has stayed firmly in my wallet today, I do buy gifts for family and friends during the holiday season, and in recent years, I've sought out indie sellers and artists to fulfill the wish lists.

We'll be sharing ideas for holiday gifts every week to support small businesses and artisans. And all these goods -- including books, jewelry, apparel and art work -- can be purchased online. No need to camp out at Macy's department stores.

If you have ideas for our Gift Guide, feel free to hit me up at marisa at We won't be able to post all, but we do appreciate any suggestions.

I'll now start off by being shameless: 

Buy my books! [Please.]

These monsters from my own personal stash are available at reduced rates and are a generous gift to express your awesomeness to tattooers, collectors ... and hell, treat yourself. I'll even write a personal love note upon request. At the moment, Color Tattoo Art and the Black & Grey Tattoo box set are left in my author collection. I'm also making some individual volumes from the Black & Grey box set available if you don't want the whole set and carry case. Free shipping for those in the US. For non-US orders, contact me for shipping rates.

No more shamelessness in upcoming posts, just indie gift goodness.
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Today is called "Black Friday" in the US where people storm the mega-stores in hopes of getting a Wii Fit half off. The video below shows just how ugly this can get. To make your holiday shopping easier -- and less offensive -- we're working on the N+S Holiday Gift Guide, where we'll feature goods from tattooists, indie artisans, and just cool people who make cool things. So we'll be posting these shopping picks alongside our regularly scheduled content over the next couple of weeks. If you have a favorite item or seller, feel free to let us know.

Video via Dangerous Minds.
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In the US, today is considered either Black Friday Shopping Melee or Buy Nothing Day. But for me, it is neither. I will refuse to trample hapless Walmart employees for a "hot holiday hamster," but I will also not play the holier-than-thou card and pontificate over the evils of over-consumption. I save my holier-than-thou-ness for other things.

I propose a middle ground: let's shop, but do so supporting independent, tattoo-friendly artists, crafters and small businesses. With this in mind, I've come up with a Holiday Gift Guide for y'all to lessen the pain of holiday shopping and not feel dirty while doin it.

Starting today until next Friday, I will post a gift suggestion every day. Everything I suggest, I own so I can vouch for quality, shipping and ease of transaction online. Some are made by strangers. Some are made by good friends. Either way, it's all cool shit.

The first item is coming up soon.
P.S.: I made this pretty little picture above using the Tattoo Shop iPhone app.
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