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03:47 PM

"Hi, this is Fox News..."
(Translation: your arch enemy would like to pull some Old Testament shit and invite you into the lion's den, Daniel)

"We'd like you to come on and just talk about tattoos... it's pre-taped so no prep-questions are necessary."

(Translation: we are going to edit the shit out of this piece to fit our own agenda)

"Can you come in at 9am?"
(Translation: you will be extremely tired and barely coherent)

That said... How could my internal "media-whore" say no?! After all, if they're going to be interviewing a can-tanned PR agent and a dude from the NY Giants, they should at least have one tattooed person on the show, right?

Now, if I can clarify: I have no problem with uncoverable/facial tattoos. I think (when done well) they can be a beautiful thing. What I was commenting upon was the majority of young folks making such extreme choices early in their life - and, more importantly, the lack of ethical concerns from tattooists who are more than willing to, for example... tattoo their name on a woman's face.

As a guy who rides the subway in Brooklyn every day, I've seen far too many names inked into the hands and necks of young men and women who are barely old enough to legally buy cigarettes, much less make such a lasting life-decision. (Personally, I believe in the "judge and jury" rule - I don't want a tattoo that I can't cover with a suit and tie, lest I be discriminated against in an important situation). In such instances, I think it's an irresponsible decision from those on both sides of the tattoo machine.

I'm also very upset that they edited out the bit where I said, "I think the NFL has a negative impact on tattooing. These men are millionaires and they get some of the most mediocre work I've ever seen."

But, I will admit that I'm kinda glad that the offensive tackle didn't hear me say that.

So... enjoy the puff-piece.
05:02 PM
dragon backpiece.jpg
In our home there are two large tattoo works in progress, which means it's fully stocked with creams, painkillers, vodka, chocolate, and "tattoo sheets" (not the 1,500 thread count kind). Yesterday, I talked about adding to my tattoo collection with more rib work.

Today, Brian writes about his 11th tattoo sitting on his Bodysuit to Fit blog. Brian's got 38 hours already racked up with Mike Rubendall of Kings Avenue Tattoo. Check his post on how the backpiece is evolving ... and what it's like to score appointments with one of the most sought-after tattoo artists.
04:10 PM
Today is the birthday of our resident code monkey and rock star, Brian Grosz, and so naturally I bought him the Mark Lanegan (most awesome) bobblehead doll, complete with bad replicas of his tattoos. The doll can be purchased on Lanegan's online store for $25. Just thought I'd share the magic. 
12:00 AM
I've released three new singles today on Lapdance Academy and, as is always the case, you can download them absolutely free!

First is a re-release of "Lady on the Low" from 2007's Bedlam Nights which has been bundled with a big-beat remix by Bridgeport, CT producer, Touch.  Next up is my cover of "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads (previously released on the Coverville tribute compilation) and last, but certainly not least, is Seraphim - a pair of traditional American spirituals featuring guest vocals from Emily Zuzik, Matt Whyte of Earl Greyhound and even our fearless Editrix-in-Chief.

So quit sitting on your thumbs and head to Lapdance Academy where you can stream, download and, yes, make a donation!
12:54 PM
While I sit here trying to find ways to battle the rogue army of Comment Spam-Bots that took Needles and Sins offline for a little while yesterday, I've just received this video from our good pal Bill Buschel, compiled from footage he shot at the release party for Marisa's "Black & Grey Tattoo Art" at Tattoo Culture.  If you haven't had a chance yet to see the monstrous tome in person, this video will give you a little peak at the art within (and a glimpse of the work upon our party-goers).

I believe that Marisa still has a few copies of the book at a reduced rate (US customers only), so click on the email link in the top right column for more information; and if you're interested in getting a copy of "Lady On The Low" (which Bill used as the soundtrack for this video) for just $0.50, please click on my BandCamp page.
06:13 PM
Around 5am tomorrow morning, I'll feebly attempt to wake up, pull on a crusty pair of Levis and welcome Gene Priest and The Cardinal Sin (remember when I interviewed them a few months back?) into my home.  Not that I run a home for wayward musicians, or anything, but the boys will be traveling up from Knoxville, TN, tonight to do some shows and recording with me and my band over the next few nights.


Tomorrow night, we'll be jumping off at Fat Baby in NYC, with Gene starting at 8pm (I'll be sitting in with him on a few songs on lap-steel guitar) and my own band following up at 9pm.  The first 10 people to pay the $7 cover and tell the doorman they're there for "Brian Grosz" will get a complimentary copy of my 2007 album, Bedlam Nights.

The following night we'll be up at Two Boots in Bridgeport, CT, for a FREE show and then we'll wrap it up with a super-special secret-show somewhere in the northeast on Friday night - stay tuned for details on that one!

Marisa and I hope to see you out at Fat Baby tomorrow night - we'll have plenty of Needles and Sins and Lapdance Academy swag available for all!
02:32 PM
rocknroll chirstmas music.jpg
Our Holiday Gift Guide is at an end and we'll be back to our regular news, events, and blah blah next week. Gonna run-down the week's posts but before I do, a gift from us to you:

A full free download of the Priestess and the Fool's album Ride On, Santa (by our own Brian Grosz and Saint Bernadette's Meredith DiMenna). It's a collection of re-imagined holiday music for scrooges, atheists, and all types of bah-humbuggery, which features old classics, cult Muppets and a drunken '80s Irish Pogue. Down a bowl of spiked-eggnog & enjoy.

And now the Holiday Gift Guide Round-up:

I hope we've helped with your shopping lists. The best gifts you could give us are supporting our advertisers; hitting the donate button (right); posting our banners; sharing our posts on your blogs, Facebook pages and in your Tweets; or just simply keep reading and giving us feedback so we can give ya what you want in a humble tattoo blog.

Much love. More Monday.
03:43 PM
beneaththefold.jpgIt's no secret: I love playing cover songs.  I take great pleasure in arranging (and re-arranging) a composition to give it a Pretty-Woman/Eliza-Doolittle makeover to turn the whore into a saint, or vicea versa.  It's an extra treat when the song I'm "covering" is one of my own.

Today marks the release of "Beneath The Fold" from my stoner-metal band, Dogs of Winter.  We stripped down the psychedelic maelstrom (as it appears on From Soil To Shale) to a few acoustic guitars and a string section and I have to admit, I can't decide which version I like better.

You can download the MP3 in two high-quality bitrates at - bundled with a PDF digibooklet featuring artwork from Boston-based illustrator, Joe Boyle (the design process for which, he blogs about here).

I also got to lose my mind for a few days, scouring the Prelinger collection of royalty-free movies at and cobbled together a companion video for the track.  Any filmmakers/video-artists out there really need to take advantage of this amazing collection.

Let us know what you think of the track and the video in the comments, would ya?

[UPDATE: my previous link to Joe's illustration process was based on the old cover, here's his process-piece on "Beneath The Fold" for all of you art-nerds]
10:48 PM
If I could have shot more footage, I would have - but I was living within a personal combination of medical triage, the Tet Offensive, Nuclear Holocaust and metaphysically being mistaken (once again) for Chris Daughtry. 

But for those of you who were unable to attend, either due to geography, gravity or genetic obligation, I offer this little sampling of the Needles and Sins launch party, featuring the outstanding photography of Sean Toussaint...

Needles and Sins - Tattoo Orgy from Brian Grosz on Vimeo.

12:17 PM
tattoo orgy.jpg
Last week, I gave you the deets on our party and exhibit entitled Tattoo Orgy, featuring the portrait photography of Sean Toussaint and music by Lapdance Academy artists Alex Walker and Brian Grosz.

The party starts at Tattoo Culture at 7PM and goes until 10. After-party TBA. But I got more goodness for party goers ...

Because we want this to be an affair of the senses, we're adding to the visual and musical feast two more elements:

Taste:  Tattoo Culture owner, Chris Budd, will be offering sandwiches and easy eats, particularly because Hornitos Sauza Tequila will be a sponsor of the event, and with two cases of premium tequila on hand, we need to feed liquor filled bellies so we don't find resident artist Gene Coffey being used as a skinny tattooed pinata. (Wine and beer will also be served.)

Touch:  Considering the name of the event, and the tattooed models and guests in attendance, we understand that some will want to explore their sense of sexy touch, but this ain't that kinda party. Still, we got your back -- and your shoulders and hands -- with the invitation of Kimanthi Care, Qigong Master and licensed massage therapist, who will be offering acupressure and massage during the party (for reasonable fees).

[Kimanthi takes care of Bri and I regularly; when people ask how we handle our insane schedules, we say, Go to our man Kimanthi, who not only helps us relax but also gets the positive energy flowing via Qigong.]

The only sense missing is smell, and we hope to keep it that way.

Can't wait to see you there tomorrow!
09:54 AM

Last night I Tweeted the rockin ruckus of Alex Walker & our own Brian Grosz at Corio, particularly the carny rendition of B's Lydia The Tattooed Lady -- which can be streamed here or downloaded for free on

In response, my buddy Steve in Athens, reminded me of another great ode to needled divas: Rory Gallagher's Tattoo'd Lady. Love it!

For more tattoo tunes, check Rae Schwarz "Under My Skin iMix".
10:24 AM
tattoos elderly.jpg
Today is Brian's birthday, and while our resident rockstar/code monkey sleeps off his hangover, I'm preparing a special day to celebrate his life -- and what better way to do so than a reminder of its fleeting youth.

Cue in Tattoos for the Elderly.

I slipped in the temporary tattoos as part of his grab bag of gifts (which also includes Aqua Team Hunger Force, Get A Life and Cabin Boy dvds -- because he's a fancy lad -- and another Tom Robbins book). One can definitely see him rocking the "Out of Control" adult diaper design or "Born to Ride" mobility scooter ink. That is, once he runs me over for posting this.

Blue Q also has a variety of FDA approved temp tattoos including ones for baby, and Touch my Tummy tattoos for pregnant women because they just love that.

Ok, now off to awaken the beast and spoil him silly today.

**See some photos of how we "tattooed" ourselves and friends at Moe's in Fort Greene.**
02:25 PM
Brian Grosz Mikey Metal.jpg
Soccer moms and leather daddies, rockers and strollers, pin-ups and piercers, docs and jocks, and a tattooed lawyer or two ... the crowd at the NYC Tattoo Convention this weekend was as diverse and exciting as its Time Square locale.

See for yaself on our Flickr set.

I'm exhausted from the nonstop sensory overload, so I'm gonna just break this redux down to the show highlights:

  • * All floors were packed but not jammed as usual, so it didn't take a half hour just to push your way to the bar. A plus. It's a safe bet to blame the economy for the diminished numbers. I heard a few people outside the show saying that they didn't want to pay the $18 cover.
  • * French Avant Garde tattoo style representing: Art brut badass Noon was working the Tattoo Culture booth along with resident artists DC Wallin and Gene Coffey. Rumor is that Aussie tattoo hottie Jake will be extending his guest spot there ... permanently.
  • * The fabulous Boris Zalaszam graced NYC for the first time with his stunning realism and ornamental work.
I tried to make it to the convention party at Niagara bar last night, but after the Dionysian feast amongst almost forty tattooers and collectors at Churrascaria Plataforma, a massive meat coma set in and I dragged my butt back to Brooklyn.

Once again a draining but damn good time.

02:23 PM
parkside_poster_150.gifNow that we have Passover, Easter and Tax Day behind us, it's time to celebrate with another afternoon of FREE live music at Parkside Lounge!

Saturday, April 18th - 2pm
Lapdance Academy Presents:
"Death, Taxes & Resurrection"
317 E. Houston St. (at Attorney)
New York, NY

We'll be welcoming our newest additions to the lineup (The Celebration of Man, Samuel Barron, Seth Berkowitz of Lucky Ghost and Matt Whyte of Earl Greyhound) as well as performances from all your old favorites (Alex Walker, Emily Zuzik, Dorie Colangelo, Len Xiang, The Knuckleheads and yours truly)!

Everyone is encouraged to dress in the "Easter Best" now that spring has sprung - and what better way to spend a 70 degree, sunny saturday than in a dark LES bar? It's a FREE SHOW, but the hat will be passed and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Save The Music Foundation.

And speaking of FREE...

Odds are you illegally download music from the internets. There's also a strong chance that this racks you with such guilt that you lie awake in bed at night thinking about all of the bloated, soulless industry fat cats artists that you've stolen money from. Well, my friends, I have the question for you: what if artists actually gave their stuff away for free, on purpose, and it was actually good?

Crazy Talk, I know, but that very thing is happening at the newly launched Lapdance Academy.

Lapdance Academy is a collective of musicians who believe that the best things in life should be free: love, fountain-soda refills and DRM-exempt mp3 releases! Head on over to to download a free copy of Alex Walker's classic crowd-pleaser, "White Gown," and my shanty-town sing-a-long, "Lydia The Tattooed Lady."

We'll have plenty of more releases coming in the near future (including "From Soil To Shale" by Dogs of Winter on 5/12), so be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on the social networking platform of your choice:

Smell that? That's the smell of Free! And in this godforsaken economy, we need to embrace all the Free we can.
04:06 PM
I almost feel guilty posting this, not only at the last minute, but because it will bump the coolest old lady I've ever seen beneath the fold, as it were (and I can eagerly announce that story-boarding for an animated video of Dogs of Winter's track, "Beneath the Fold" has already begun).  But let's not digress before we even get the damned car out of the garage...

fb.gifI would like to extend an invitation to all of my five-borough friends for an event this evening: a set of my acoustic, solo material at Fat Baby in the Lower East Side.  I will be taking the stage (or should I say, planting my narrow ass on a bar stool for an intimate serenade) at 8pm sharp, the cost is 7 bones and if you tell me you arrived via Needles and Sins, I'll be sure to buy you a beer of your choosing.

Hell, if I see enough adorned bodies, I'll be sure to play an extra-special version of Lydia The Tattooed Lady, just for you.


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