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Alex Grey tattoo by James Kern.jpgAlex Grey tattoo by James Kern 2.jpgThere are many fine artists who have influenced tattoo art, whether it be the subject matter of their paintings or the techniques they use translated on skin or their philosophy of creation. Alex Grey has inspired tattooists in all of these ways. In turn, Alex has embraced the tattoo community and worked with tattooists like James Kern, whose work is shown above, as well as Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman, among many others. More recently, these artists created the Visionary Tattoo Workshop and Live Painting. The hope is to see more of those events take place, and in a space that is a work of art in itself.

The vision of that space for Alex and Allyson Grey is Entheon.

In NY's Hudson Valley is the Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors or CoSM, a center for visionary arts and culture. What they'd like to do is evolve CoSM into "a building that is a sculpture" where people can "take a journey through art."  In order to do that, they are seeking help via Kickstarter -- and there are tons of great perks. How the Greys envision Entheon is best described in the video below, and you can find images of the plan for the space on their Kickstarter page. Also on that page is a video from Alex's TEDx talk, "How Art Evolves Consciousness," which I highly recommend checking.

Considering Alex's impact on the tattoo community, it would be wonderful to see artists give back (especially if they tattoo his images) and support this project.   

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the visionary tattoo.jpgFor those on the East Coast, I have another fantastic event, also on Saturday July 21:  The worlds of tattooing and visionary art will come together in a live event at Alex Grey's historic Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in upstate New York. Veteran tattooists Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman will be teaching a workshop on Visionary Tattooing -- that is, tattoos that come from the imagination that are done with the intention of healing, empowerment or positive transformation. There's limited seating available. Click here for ticket info.

For those who can't make it in person, there will be a free live webcast of the evening's events beginning at 5:00pm EST. Go to to tune in and be a part of it online.

The events will include the following:

** A screening of the documentary "Innerstate," nominated for Best Documentary at the 2010 Great Lakes Film Festival, about tattooists creating visionary paintings. Here's the trailer below.

** A dynamic panel talk on visionary, magical and ritual tattooing, featuring Alex and Allyson Grey, Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, James Kern and Natan Alexander.

** A live painting event that will go from the end of the panel talk until the wee hours. Alex, Allyson, Guy and Michele will be creating visionary paintings while DJs keep the energy going. You can check out some previous live painting events here and here.

Check this short promo trailer for The Visionary Tattoo below.

To view Guy & Michele's tattoo work, including the pieces below, head to and their studio's Facebook page.

guy aitchison tattoo.jpgTattoo by Guy above.

michele wortman tattoo.jpgTattoo by Michele Wortman.
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