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Tattoo artist and painter Chris Dingwell is no stranger to Needles & Sins. I'm a long-time fan of his painterly tattooing and abstract approach to his fine art, and so I always keep an eye out for him on my Facebook news feed. [You can follow him yourself on FB here.]

Last night, he shared this video above, "Tattoo Cover-Up Stories: Mark," in which he goes through the steps of how he turned Mark's "disorganized collage of heavy, dark random tattoos down his right arm" and transformed it into a really beautiful, cohesive piece that takes the existing work and wraps it all into a trippy dreamscape with a dragon as its unifying element, which works its way down and around the arm. It's particularly interesting to hear Chris's technique on how he dealt with the crude, overworked black tattoos through the use of color layering and contrast. Over half the work he does has some sort of cover-up in it, so he comes to this type of work with great experience.

So, if you have a tattoo you're not happy with but think that nothing can be done, this video proves that you should never say never. But do get an artist who is excited to take on a challenging project and do his or her best to make you happy.
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chris_dingwell_book.jpg I've told many artists "Do a book." It's a rather selfish suggestion/command as I love turning pages filled with stimulating imagery, firing my neurons up and kicking my ass to create more. And practically, it's a way to view art that won't fit in my tiny Brooklyn apartment. 

I wanted Chris Dingwell to do a book. Every time I see one of his works or live painting projects, I know I need to see it again. And I'm happy to say that I now can with his wonderful 150-page collection, "Inside Out," which can be purchased at

"InsideOut" looks at Chris's body of work over the past eight years, featuring full views of the paintings as well as close-ups where you can see the movement of the brush strokes. A fantastic foreword by Johnny Thief opens up the book, giving the reader a better sense of just who Chris Dingwell is beyond his acrylics. Johnny also talks about Chris's tattoo work, which -- like his fine art -- defies categorization. An easy catch-all would be "painterly," but it is so much more than that. Johnny says, "If I had to try and label it, I would call it 'Kineticism'." [He wants 20% every time that term is used.] 

For more on Chris, check our artist profile on him from last year, and this article from last month in The Portland Daily Sun.

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chris dingwell tattoo .jpg
An exciting painter, tattoo artist and new dad, Chris Dingwell, recently rolled into Brooklyn on his way to a painting jam, and I managed to pin him down for brunch to chat about his work, tattoo law, convention gossip and convince him to be in my next tattoo book. [He didn't have much choice in the latter as he was in my hood, and I know people who could help me be very convincing.]

Chris works expertly in a variety of styles, and I particularly dig the work in which he takes his own unique painterly approach. Here's what he says of his portfolio:

"The simplest way that I can put it is to say that my work is about taking things apart--visually that is. Obviously, to me at least, my tattooing is very different from my painting for the simple reason that the tattoos I create are for other people; they are my client's ideas. It's simply my job to take their ideas, disassemble them, work out the most visually interesting parts, and re-assemble into a cool tattoo. Unlike other tattoo artists who become known for doing a signature type of tattooing, or a signature style--Traditional, Bio-Mech, Pin-up, what-have-you--I strive to apply myself to a wide range of ideas, images and styles. Every client is different, and every tattoo idea as well, so I try to work as broadly as possible. In the end, my work still looks like mine, but I hope it expresses as much of the client as well by the end of the process."

chris dingwell art.jpg

"My paintings, and my most painterly tattoos, are much more abstract and personal. It's not just about taking things apart visually, but physically and psychically. Someone once told me they thought my portraits looked as if I was peeling someone's layers away like an onion, and that to me is the perfect metaphor for what I am trying to create with my work, no matter who or what the subject is."

chris dingwell tattoo1.jpg
See more of Chris's artwork here.
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