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09:11 PM
Fuzi tattoo.jpgFrench artist FUZI-UVTPK was interviewed by Complex Magazine in this video (shown below) while he was in Brooklyn, tattooing at Muddguts gallery.

Complex describes FUZI as the pioneer of the "Ignorant Style," which I have to admit, I'm pretty ignorant about myself; however, in the video, FUZI explains his tattoo philosophy, heavily influenced by his graffiti background, to shed some light on how he approaches his work. For example, he says that one of the most important things for him to "be free to create [his] art, to have no rules" -- how he's not looking for someone to tell him to do his tattooed lines better; he wants to do his lines, his own way.

Whether his lines are strong or not, FUZI was booked solid for his NYC trip. See more of his work here to see if you dig his style yourself.

03:27 PM
As I get into a car with two lawyers to see a play in Philadelphia about the effects of the Holocaust in Poland (yes, this is actually my life and, no, it's not nearly as interesting as it sounds), I would be loath to miss posting about this spectacular nerd-boner.  While I've long given up comic collecting for a more permanent hobby that doesn't require acid-free backing boards or plastic jackets, this is a great post for a man who lit a candle the day that John Buscema died.

Thanks to Nick Schonberger for pointing out the Complex History of Tattooed Comic Book Characters.

11:25 AM
complex mag.jpg
Men's lifestyle magazine Complex put out this list of "50 Tattoo Artists you Need to Know," which is an interesting compilation that includes the usual big names, like Paul Booth, but also some exciting new comers. [I was glad to see my own artist Daniel DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo featured at No.11.]

The list was advised by tattoo historian and journalist Nick Schonberger who is also behind the wonderful and There are a few mistakes, like misidentification in the photos of a couple artists, and I would have liked to see more biomech and organic work repped, but overall, I'd recommend checking it out and perhaps discovering new talent through the picks as I did.
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