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The_Lizardman.jpgPhoto by Allen Falkner

This Friday the 13th, we'll be getting our freak on at the Congress of Curious People's Opening Night Party, featuring our friend The Lizardman performing classic stunts but also nearly an hour of all new material he's never performed at Coney before. The event is sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not, where you can feel up The Lizardman's waxy dobbleganger at their various museums.

The show starts promptly at 8PM, with the annual inductions into the Sideshow Hall of Fame immediately following, so be sure to get there on time. Tickets to the party are $15 (click here to purchase), which include one free Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

Hope to see you there!

coney_island_lizardman.jpgMe, Erik "The Lizardman" Sprague, & Brian at the Coney Island Freak Bar.
12:44 PM

For fans of sideshow, here's a video look back at Coney Island's beautiful freaks, dancing girls and even a bit of tattoo history (around the 4:10 mark). Today's resident performers continue traditional sideshow arts, like sword swallowing, with a contemporary edge, and also attract guest performers like our fave, The Lizardman.

[The video is part of the Prelinger Archive, which I highly recommend to artists looking for public domain films and clips.]  

Via the fabulous Pat Sullivan.
05:36 PM
We've got a lot of love for Brooklyn here at at the Needles and Sins Compound and an even deeper love for Coney Island; with it's boardwalks rotting out from under your feet, rides that might kill you at any second and the glorious art of the sideshow.  No summer in NYC is complete without a Nathan's hot dog, some Coney Island Lager and someone pounding 10" nails into their sinuses.

rollino.jpgSo it's with sadness that we report the passing of former Coney Island strongman, Joe Rollino, who was struck and killed by (of all things) a minivan earlier this week.  He was a boxer, a Coney Strongman (who started his strongman career at the age of 10), a member of the Polar Bear Club and just a year ago, at the age of 103, he could still bend quarters in his teeth.

As we watch Coney Island change, gentrify and Disney-ify, it's sad to know that one of its legends is no longer with us.

The New York Times wrote about his passing here, and NPR also did a broadcast about him, which you can read the transcript of or stream the audio here.

[photo credit: Charles Denson]
02:18 PM
Perhaps the only thing freakier than watching The Lizardman perform is going out to a nice dinner with him. He manages the stares, photo-shoots, and salutations with the same easy flair as he does when sticking things up his nose or wiggling outta a straight jacket.

But the freak ain't crazy. Born Eric Sprague, a doctoral candidate in philosophy, The Lizardman travels the world performing, with a repertoire of over 36 acts, and a humor that makes him a rockin MC for metal shows and tattoo conventions.

Tonight, he takes the stage solo at my beloved Coney Island Sideshow at 9pm ($10 admission). He'll also be performing with the sideshow cast until the 16th.

If you can't catch him at Coney, he'll be working the Tattoo Hollywood convention August 21-23, the Stockhokm Ink Bash August 28-30 and South Dakota's Black Hills tattoo show September 18-20.

Also watch The Lizardman online via his YouTube channel -- just not while eating.

I'll probably arrive a bit early tonight to get a Coney Island lager at the Freak Bar and forked tongue kiss. See ya there!
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