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09:18 AM
Black Tattoo Art II.jpg
In an effort to save y'all from being stun-gunned at the mall, I've jumped in on "CyberMonday" and have put some of the books I've birthed on sale:

From today through December 23 January 1st, my new Black Tattoo Art 2 will be on sale for $140 (including free shipping in the US); the Black & Grey Tattoo box set is on sale for $300 (originally $399); and the individual books of the set are $120 each. 

 You can order via Paypal on the Needles & Sins online store or contact me at

Get a sneak peak inside the Black Tattoo Art 2 here and Black & Grey Tattoo here
black & Grey tattoo.jpg
11:58 AM
black & Grey tattoo.jpg
Advertising's mad men and marketers have deemed today, "Cyber Monday," where our consumer fetish can be satisfied without knocking someone over with a granny cart, all for a deep discount. Well, I got your deep discount right here. If Amazon can give you a break, so can I.

Starting right now through Friday, December 3rd, 11:50 PM, I'm offering my limited author copies of the Black & Grey Tattoo box set for $350 including shipping for those in the US. [The book retails for $550.] Hit me up via email at marisa @

To make up for this shameless promotion, I got an artist profile and our first official gift guide pick coming up.
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