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Damon Conklin art.jpgThis Friday through the weekend, August 9-11, is the 12th strong year of The Seattle Tattoo Expo, an international convention with an excellent roster of artists, fun performances, and seminars that include portrait painting with Shawn Barber and machine building with Dan Dringenberg.

One of the expo's founders is Damon Conklin of Super Genius tattoo -- a charismatic tattooer and painter whose work is imbued with just as much personality. CBS Seattle interviewed Damon about the expo, and in their Q&A, Damon shocked the interviewer with an unexpected answer to a typical tattoo question. Here's a bit from that:  

Does Seattle have a different tattoo "scene" than other regions in the country?
We have a very unique tattoo scene here in the Northwest 'cause we have unique personalities. We've got this urban core but then there are these mountain ranges and lakes and stuff all over the place -- these this individuality thing that maybe started in the '60s or whatever. it makes for a great music, art and tattoo scene.

What has been the weirdest request you've gotten from a client?
(Laughs) It definitely had to be "Where's Waldo" on, well, let's see here...what we might call the ****? (the area in between one's legs, and behind one's genitals but before the rectum)

(Laughs) Wow. Was not expecting that...
(Laughs) Neither was I!

For someone without a single tattoo, what is your best sales pitch to make it down this weekend? (Laughs) Well, anybody who doesn't know that 300 tattooers and 5,000 people under one roof is a party...(Laughs) But, it's amazing art and there are all kinds of mediums because tattooers paint. And then there's all the tattoos [themselves], there'll be people that you see on TV there -- and it's just a good time. There's really a lot of entertainment .... It's fun.
For more on the convention, find it on Twitter: @SeattleTattoo and on the Expo's Facebook page.  And for more on Damon's work, like the tattoos below and painting above, check the Super Genius site as well as his Facebook fan page.

Damon Conklin tattoo.jpgDamon Conklin tattoo 2.jpg
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In a wonderful marriage of tattoos and technology, the fine folks of TattooNow TV present The Paradise Artist Retreat Skype Preview Extravaganza -- live artist interviews streamed online, where you can also participate and ask questions from the chat room.

The extravaganza kicks off today at 5PM EST, with this brilliant artist line-up: Alex and Allyson Grey, Guy Aitchison, Jeff Gogue, James Kern, Chet Zar, Michele Wortman, Damon Conklin, and Steve Peace. The talk will be a taste of whats to come at the Paradise Artist Retreat, which takes place March 25-28 in Tamaya Resort, New Mexico. 

You can check the previous TattooNow webisode here featuring Guy Aitchison, Markus Lenhard, Gunnar, and Kelly Doty. A true tattoo education.

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