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Todd Torres tattoos.jpgTattoos above by @alan_ink @beestingtattoo @meganjeanmorris @tattoos_by_anam @jesselevitt @boristattoo.

Boris tattoo.jpg

Tattoo above by Boris of Hungary.
tattoo by John Wayne.jpgTattoo above by John Wayne.

randyengelhar.jpgTattoo above by Randy Engelbard.

I'm embarrassing at tattoo conventions. When I see someone wearing or creating beautiful work, I get ... overenthusiastic. This has led to many walking away from me, with a mix of fear and confusion. But it has also led to many friendships, based on a shared loved and excitement for tattoos. Thankfully, Todd Torres falls in that latter category.

I first met Todd via the tattoo social media web and got to admire his growing collection posted online; however, meeting him at the Toronto Tattoo Convention last year, and seeing how wonderful the tattoos look in person, brought out the true tattoo geek in me. You'll understand why when you check this list of artists who have tattooed him:

Randy Engelhard, Boris, Anam, Marshall Bennett, Megan Jean Morris, Joe Riley, Jason Peacher, Mathew Clarke, Rember, Dmitry VisionDan Henk, Lalo, Alan Ramirez, Jessie Levitt, and John Wayne.

Yup, an amazing collection -- which was recently featured Sullen TV's Tattoo Collector series.

In the video, Todd shares some of his tattoo stories and thoughts on collecting. He's refreshingly straight forward, with none of the grand monologues you see on reality TV about deep existential experiences behind every ounce of ink; in fact, he says that only one tattoo, a rose in tribute to his grandmother, holds meaning beyond the artwork. Todd explains that his tattoos are a hobby, one that he gets to indulge in as he frequently travels being a professional poker player.

Check the video (embedded below) to see more of Todd's work. You may also want to check the tattoo feed that Todd curates on Instagram for @thebragartlist, a mobile app designed to help people easily find where they can get great tattoos.

I'll be doing more posts on tattoo collectors like Todd, in addition to artist profiles.  And yes, they will all be overenthusiastic.

mgm and anam tattoo.jpg

mgm and anam tattoo collab.jpgCollaborative tattoo by Anam and Megan Jean Morris

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horror calendar2.jpg
It's never too early to start planning your 2013 convention schedule and tattoo appointments -- and keeping track of them all on a calendar befitting such important dates.

I'm digging the recently released 2013 Horror Calendar, designed and produced by Dan Henk, who contributes his own signature dark art along with Nick Baxter, Adrian Dominic, Scott Trerrotola, Paul Acker, Steve Morris, Joseph Ortega, Buzz Hasson, Rodd Diaz, Jeff Esminger, and Ron Russo. It's a fantastic collection of fine art by top tattooers. A glimpse into each month is below. 

You can purchase the calendar for just $15 plus shipping online here. Look out for them at conventions as well.

horror calendar.jpg
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A good way to start the new year is with a freebie, especially if it's an engaging illustrated novel by prolific tattooist, painter and now author, Dan Henk.

The Black Seas of Infinity is described as a dark thriller with a sci-fi and horror vibe. Publisher's Anarchy Books are offering the eBook version of the novel free for the Kindle and viewing via the Kindle app (which works on multiple devices). This promotion is limited, just the next few days during the post New Year's hangover. The paperback is available for $10.88 on Amazon. 

The novel is written from the first-person perspective of the lone protagonist, who is working for the military, when he makes a discovery that will forever alter his life. Pulled from his job building surveillance drones, the antihero is brought into a clandestine military group investigating downed alien crafts. As a man who pined for a career in advanced physics, this was a dream come true -- but a short-lived one. He soon finds himself at odds with the powers that be and is expelled from the group. The problem is he knows too much. The story follows him through a bloody heist turned coup, the fall of the US government, and a subsequent maze of viperous confederacies. Society crumbles around him, and he flees to the jungles of Mexico. There he finds an even worse fate.

dan henk illustrations.jpgFor Dan, art and writing are intertwined. His eleven years tattooing and his fine art education clearly influence his prose, a fact that he doesn't deny. "I've been told I write with an artist's eye. I tend to fully describe a scene, not just flit through the highlights. I imagine myself there, in the midst of the scenario I'm creating, and I try to bring it to life with words." He's is currently working on a book of short stories, which Anarchy Books will also release as a paperback later this year.

Tattooing still dominates Dan's days. Check his site for tattoo work and his upcoming convention schedule.
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Dan Henk Tattoo.jpgLast week, we inaugurated a special N+S series called The Proust Questionnaire for Tattoo Artists, which is a modified version of the infamous Q&A popularized by Marcel Proust*.

For this second installment, we hit up Austin-based horror meister Dan Henk. In addition to his tireless tattoo schedule and painting, Dan has been busy creating a Mike Malone comic for Tattoo Artist Magazine, and working on illustrations for his upcoming horror novel, "By Demons Driven." He took a break from all this to give us a glimpse into what drives him.

The Proust Questionnaire for Tattoo Artists

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Sitting in church.

What is your idea of earthly happiness?  Finishing a project I was really into and then hitting South America for a vacation in the jungle.

Your most marked characteristic? I hear I'm abrasive. I tell a lot of non PC jokes. I also hear I don't have that social filter most people have on what I say and do, which might go with the abrasive bit.

What is your principle defect?  What? I have a defect?! Pshaw!

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  The Shadow.
Who are your favorite heroes in real life?  Frank Frazetta, Ayn Rand, Alan Moore, and more I'm sure I'll remember later.

Your favorite painter?  Frank Frazetta. Oh, and John Harris, Ashley Woods, John Totleben...I can keep going.

Your favorite musician?  Deadguy!

Your favorite writer?  Alan Moore.

The quality you most admire in a man?  Determination.

The quality you most admire in a woman?  Intelligence.

Your favorite virtue?  Honesty.

Who would you have liked to be?  The creature from the black lagoon.

What are your favorite names?  Anton! Aleister!

What natural gift would you most like to possess?  Immortality.

How would you like to die?  I don't.

What is your present state of mind?  Overkill!

What is your motto?   "Words have no meaning when they are said by shallow minds."

Learn more about the artist on

dan henk painting.jpg
* Proust is admittedly hard to get through, but do consider picking up one of my favorite books, How Proust Can Change Your Life by Alain De Botton, which is an amazingly fun and much easier read.
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Monicaartshowsacred.jpgIn 2007, tattoo artist and shining light, Monica Henk, was killed. It devastated so many of us. Countless reasons made you want to know Monica:  Her humor, her funny faces, her joie de vivre. She had the best laugh ever. Her passion for art and constant desire to learn more about her craft. She would have been thirty last week.

The Monica Memorial Show at Sacred Gallery comprises tattoo artist tributes on canvas to this tiny powerhouse. The group show opens this Sunday, May 30th from 7-11PM.

Kevin Wilson, Director of Sacred, said this of the show:

"A few months ago, Kike Castillo (Monica's brother), and Dan Henk approached me with the idea of having a small gallery show celebrating the life of Monica here at our gallery. Naturally I agreed since Sacred is where Monica started her career in the tattoo industry. It's just a shame that she was taken from us by a hit-and-run driver whom was never caught.

Dan & Kike started to talk with artists who were willing to support this show idea, and before we knew it, this small show grew into a monster. Most every artist approached was willing to submit for this show. Whether they knew her or not, they were willing to support a fallen artist from within their community. Even the artists who didn't have time to submit work agreed to come out and celebrate the life of Monica. This just shows you how strong of a community we've become over the years!"

nick baxter painting.jpgPainting by Nick Baxter for Monica group show.

I also spoke with Dan Henk about the exhibit:

"The exhibit is to commemorate her. It's a show of life and what was exceptional about her, not a melancholy commiseration on her death. Almost everyone who knew Monica was thrilled to participate. The time-line and story of a life full of potential cut short resounds with many people, and even those who only knew her from the sidelines felt the impact and wanted to contribute.

I appreciate all the artists who put in their hard work and time into rendering artwork for something that is very personal for me and her brother, Kike. Her whole immediate family will be in attendance, and to them, it is a great honor.

All the paintings will be collected in a book: text and personal photos will be added by me and Kike Castillo, and will be available through Durb Morrison's printing press."

monTL.jpgPainting by Tommy Lee for Monica Memorial show


Monica Memorial Show
May 30th, 7-11PM
Sacred Gallery
424 Broadway (off Canal)
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