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David Corden Tattoo.jpgspiderman-tattoo-david-corden.jpgDavid Corden Tattoo2.jpgOne of my favorite "realism" tattoo artists, David Corden, is profiled in STV Edinburgh this week in anticipation of his new tattoo studio and art gallery opening in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh this summer.

The profile shares what David has envisioned for his new space, particularly how he doesn't plan to have it branded as a tattoo shop outside, but a gallery. He says, "I want people to wander in not realising it's a tattoo studio, I want to make people realise it's not what they think. [...] I love the fact it surprises people that tattoos are art, whether you are choosing to wear it or not."

The studio is scheduled to debut in June, marking around 8 years that David has been tattooing. It's hard to believe that the 42-year-old artist has not been tattooing for decades with his level of expertise. While he is an art school grad, he spent 15 years as a Ventilation Engineer before learning to tattoo. Here's more from the article:

'My dad is ex-navy so I was around traditional tattoos and grew up around those styles of tattoos. At the time, I hadn't really seen any realism tattoos until those television shows began.'

'When I showed friends the design, everyone said I should go to Jim Gambell so I brought in my design and he said people bring in drawings of tattoos all the time and usually they aren't usable, but he could do mine without any changes.'

It was not until four years later, by another stroke of luck, that the duo would meet again as David's cousin was receiving a tattoo from Jim who explained he had never heard from David since that appointment despite asking to see his portfolio of work. One phone call and a few hours later, David landed an apprentice job at Ritual Art in Rainham.

So, I guess reality tattoo TV has inspired something great in our community!

See more of David's work on his site, Facebook, and Instagram.

Marilyn Monroe tattoo.jpg
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Stan Lee tattoo.jpg
One of our favorite artists, David Corden of Ritual Art Tattoo, created this ode to "the goodwill ambassador for comics" Stan Lee, who turned 91-years old today. David truly captured the essence of the man who described himself to the Washington Post as "still a big kid."  As the co-creator of Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four, Lee has inspired generations of comic fans, and so tattoo tributes to him, especially of this caliber, seem fitting.

For more on David's work, check his site, Facebook page and Instagram.

[Many thanks to Colin Dale for posting David's portrait tattoo in the N+S Facebook group.]
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John Anderton tattoo.

Last week, I mentioned that I'll be at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering -- one of my favorite tattoo events, not just for the stellar artist line-up, seminars and workshops, but because it's one of the few left where you actually feel there is a real tattoo "community." And it's a serious fun.

Because of The Gathering, many international artists will be stateside and doing guest spots at shops across the US. Our friends at Off The Map Tattoo in Grants Pass, Oregon and Easthampton, MA will be hosting many of these artists next month. Check out this insane line-up:

At the Oregon studio, renowned resident tattoo artist Jeff Gogue will host David Corden (9/4/12 - 9/8/12), Remis Tattoo (9/18/12 - 9/22/12), and John Anderton (9/18/12 - 9/22/12).

On the East Coast, the Massachusetts Off the Map crew welcomes Thomas-kYnst (9/1/12 - 9/3/12), Aurora Lancaster (9/5/12 - 9/11/12), and Fabian Danger De Gaillande (9/18/12 - 9/23/12).

I'm posting a tattoo by each of these artists here and highly recommend you check out all their work. Contact Off The Map for more info.

David Corden tattoo.jpgDavid Corden tattoo.

Aurora_Lancaster_tattoo.jpgAurora Lancaster tattoo.

remis tattoo.jpgRemis Tattoo.

Thomas-kYnst-tattoo.jpgThomas-kYnst tattoo.

Fabian_Danger_De_Gaillande_tattoo.jpgFabian Danger De Gaillande tattoo.
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