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06:39 PM
Yesterday was the US launch of the racing game Dirt 2, and what better way to promote virtual off-road rallies than, ya know, a Flash app that lets you tattoo some woman's breasts. The app is called "Dirty Tats." And that's not even the worst part.

The obviously sex starved Codemasters who created the tattoo game know how to do creepy well, albeit unintentionally. After the intro of loud and just plain bad pop-metal, you're treated to gooey come-ons from a voluptuous vixen who purrs "I like the personal touch," or "Looks like you have some hidden talents." My special talent was not vomiting while trying to get the words "misogyny" across her chest via the Lettering tool.

And like all bad tattoo Flash games, there are the bad tattoo flash stencils that you can stick on her, like the Tribal fish and Kanji for "why am I wasted my time."

Once you've wasted that time, you get to share your tattooed boob image
by downloading it as a wallpaper or sharing it via Facebook or Flickr. But is that kind of productivity something you'd like the world to know?

Oh, did I mention the boobs move and throb? That was the best part.

Bottom line: if you regularly enjoy eating Cheez Whiz from the can and have a Microsoft logo tattooed on you, you'll love Dirty Tats.
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