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01:46 PM
goonie-glassplugs.jpg just picked our winners from Facebook & Twitter for the giveaway: Congratulations to Alex (aka Merle Singer) and Steve Gramenopoulos, who will each receive a $25 gift certificate to spend on anything at Ear Gauges online store.

There are tons of deals right now on, so if you didn't win this time, you can still score on affordable & pretty plugs, tunnels and tapers.

Many more contests to come!
11:44 AM
Congratulations to the winners of our last contest, Kellie D. and Aaron Pascual Ortiz, for being the chosen ones of They'll each receive $25 gift certificates for bling at the Ear Gauges online store.

Thanks to everyone who played along on our Needles & Sins Facebook page. Many more contests to come!
12:22 PM
Once again, it's "free stuff because we love you" time!

We teamed up with our friends at to offer two readers a gift card worth $25 each for anything in their online store, whether it be these sweet cherry wood heart plugs above, big gauge coral glass plugs below, a wide selection of tapers for stretching -- however, you like to pretty up. And as so much of EarGauges's selection is under $25, the winners need not put in a dime.

Ok, here's how we're gonna play this:  the two winners will be selected randomly from those who comment on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook. [Please comment with your gauge size, not bra size.] In one week, on September 6th, we'll put all the names of the commenters into and the internet gods will offer up the chosen ones.

While you're at it, head to the Facebook page and "Like" them. Because we all want to be liked.

That's it. Easy breezy. Good luck!
10:52 AM
So I've been told by the minions blocking the streets of Brooklyn & Manhattan this week that tomorrow is the end of the world, and I for one would like to leave this earth in style. is helping us do so with a new line of plugs and tunnels discounted for Needles & Sins readers, what I like to call "the Rapture Special." Just put in the code NAS10 at checkout and get 10% off all orders.

Some of my faves include the jade stone tear drop plugs (above), which go for $14.99 a pair. The super size light organic wood plugs (below) have been marked down to $31.99 a pair. Also check the new silicon ear skins.

Wear them in happiness, health and a long wonderful life.


05:31 PM
free-credit-card-reader.jpgNeedles & Sins is growing thanks to your wonderful support. We do it because we love it, but of course we're grateful to our advertisers who help with our costs, so we can bring you all the tattoo goodness, free and easy. 

Our newest advertiser is Square: a mobile form of accepting credit cards, processed right on your iphone, ipad or android device. We thought it was a perfect fit for tattoo artists and indie vendors who work conventions and find that their clients are low on cash. Also great for our musicians out there looking to sell merch at gigs. 

There's no commitment to use the service, just a flat rate of 2.75% for all credit cards including AMEX and .15 per transaction. Square is a free app and the hardware gets shipped to you for free as well.

We're also very happy that has renewed their ad thanks to your orders. As we've mentioned before, the company is run by those in the body modification community and was started to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. [I'm particularly loving the new Saba wood pearl inlay plugs shown below.] Free shipping for all orders over $25. And Needles & Sins readers get 15% off if you use the coupon code: NAS15.

Thanks again to all of y'all.

12:31 PM
russian criminal tattoo jacket.jpg
We survived yet another holiday, rather unscathed albeit with lighter wallets. Sucked into the consumer industrial complex, we have fulfilled our shopping list for friends and family. Now it's time to treat ourselves. Our Holiday Gift Guide has been filled with goodness from largely indie designers and artisans, and for this last Guide posting, we want to give a shout out to these tradespeople who help keep Needles+Sins running.

An advertiser who has been getting a lot of media attention is MIR Russian Criminal Tattoo Apparel, not just for their sexy clothing but for the info they offer on all the tattoo designs featured on their shirts, dresses, jackets and accessories. Check out their newest ShtrafBat military line.


Offering an extensive selection of plugs and ear stretching jewelry at a low cost is Ear Gauges, run by a group of people who are a part of our community looking to promote safe and beautiful body adornment. [I'm wearing their organic spotted wood plugs right now.] Also check their forums on healing and aftercare.

father panik rosaries.jpgAnd of course we love our trouble makers Father Panik Industries, who have been kicked out and banned from a number of indie markets for their blasphemy, particularly in the form of their brass knuckle rosaries. Their latest rosary piece is the hand-carved, sterling silver tattoo machine charm on semi-precious stones shown above.

So hit them up and show some self-love for making it through another Festivus.
11:31 PM
The Needles & Sins crew is grateful to our most fabulous advertisers who support us, so we can give you the tattoo goodness for free -- even better is when they offer you special deals on their own brands of goodness. Here's the latest offer: has new plugs, including wood with pearl inlay, and black & red hearts (perhaps a gift for your sweetie) at reduced prices. Plus, all orders will receive 15% off if you use the N+S coupon code:  NAS15.

I've gotten feedback from readers who've told me that shipped fast, and they were happy with their order. The prices are affordable, and there's free shipping for all orders over $25. Stretch safely and beautifully.

01:41 PM
I hope y'all are digging the new redesign of Needles & Sins that our Brian Grosz spent a lot of time on, as well as handling the server migrations, etc.

Our advertisers help with the costs to keep everything humming so we can give all the tattoo goodness away for free without a cover price or subscription.  

ear_gauges_horn_plugs.jpgOur newest advertiser is EarGauges.Net.

The California-based company, run by those in the body modification community, was started in 2009 to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. Prices are affordable and orders ship quickly. Free shipping for all orders over $25.

They also have online forums that address ear stretching healing and after-care, and encourage people to share their experiences.

Special to Needles & Sins readers: all orders will receive 15% off if you use our coupon code:  NAS15.

We hope you'll support and all our advertisers.
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