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07:06 AM
star wars tattoo.jpg
I'm a huge fan of, which never disappoints in offering cool, unique items -- from jewelry to home goods to apparel -- created by independent artists, including a good number of tattooers. So, for this Holiday Gift Guide I spent a lot of time on Etsy to find products with interesting tattoo twists.

First up, with all the buzz over the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, I just had to share these Star Wars/Tattoo Mash-Ups by Adam Hayes of Red Rocket Tattoo, especially, the Holy Princess Leia, shown above. [* Side Note: There already is a Force Awakens tattoo. That was quick!]

The kid in me couldn't resist these beautiful handmade tattoo lady paper doll puppets, with their moving joints and adjustable parts, although I'll probably display rather than play with them because they're so pretty (shown below). I also dig Tessa the Tattooed Paper Doll, with all her kicky outfits. Ok, maybe I'll play with that one.

tattoo doll.jpgWhile I never get them out on time, holiday cards with tattoo themes offer a little more motivation to do so. Some of my favorites on Etsy are the MargaretaGR tattooed women of Xmas greetings (shown below), the tattooed Mike Tyson "Merry Chrithmith" card, and may favorite for the past couple years -- Sugarbeet Press' tattooed lady set.

For more shopping fun, check these tattooists' Etsy shop items:

* Sailor Whale tees from Olivier of Glamort Tattoo in Montreal.
* Handmade original book art by Tom Tapit of Triple Diamond Tattoo in Brooklyn.
* "Sex Flash" in the signature "bubble girlie style" of Kristel Oreto in Philadelphia.

Something for everyone's stockings!

tattoo xmas card.jpg
09:10 AM
jesus tattoo machine.jpg
homamade tattoo machine.jpg
In an age when anyone can grab a starter tattoo kit on Amazon and eBay and start drilling, those old prison-style DIY machines still hold some magic. The ingenuity of taking found objects and creating a working instrument that creates art -- and the prison culture from which that ingenuity was born -- has inspired Goof Vermeulen, a production designer and art director in Amsterdam. He's created jailhouse tattoo "guns" -- in the same manner as they're fashioned in prison -- as works of art. A number of them also come in hand-made boxes and ink.

You find them here on Etsy for sale. And check more images on his Facebook page. As he says on his Esty page, the machines, although workable, are not meant to be used on skin but simply to be displayed as art. The online retailers already have the tattoo machine market covered for scratchers.

homemade tattoo machine.jpg

05:03 PM
laptop decal sugar skull.jpg
It's been a while since we put up a shopping post, and I thought today was fitting to do so as I just installed this featured product in sprucing up my place for Spring.

Check out BEEPART wall art & laptop decal on Etsy.

Beepart are designs influenced by tattoo, retro and other iconic imagery that are produced on vinyl to decorate walls, laptops, cars and other indoor & outdoor surfaces. Artwork includes sugar skulls, sacred hearts, swallows, koi fish, and pin-ups, among many others. I contemplated the Rock On wall art but felt the Hamsa was a better fit (yes, I know it does kinda match my tattoos). I was looking for something to decorate the wall near my shower that wouldn't be ruined by steam and vinyl decals do the trick.

I'm happy to say that installation is idiot proof. Which means that I was able to put it up all by myself (like a big girl) without it getting tangled in my hair or making me want to rip out my hair as I've done before in other attempts with removable wall art. I was surprised just how easily such a large and intricate pattern went on but I did follow the detailed instructions exactly.

Another plus: the price. The Hamsa only costs $28. Others range from $8 (for vinyl stickers) to $105 (for a wall full of beepart creatures). Right now there's a 20% spring promotion with this code: BEEP20.

wall art horns high.jpg Beepart decals are designed by artist and freelance illustrator Neil Jeffery of London, Canada. In his Etsy shop, you'll also find original mixed media and collage art. [More on Neil here.]

So, overall, thumbs up (or horns high) for beepart for prettying up my place cheap & easy as well as artful.

hamsa wall art.jpg
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