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08:50 AM
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We've all seen them. Those tattoo "fan" pages with the billion "Likes" on Facebook where you'll find beautiful tattoos but without any information on the artist, photographer, or collector.

Photos of me have popped up on these sites, and I have commented, "That's me. My artist is Dan DiMattia, Calypso Tattoo," but that all gets lost in the barrage of subsequent comments, often asking who did the work because they could not find my attribution. I've gotten tired of them and now simply report their use of my photos to Facebook, particularly because I don't want to be associated -- and even used by -- these sites.

These sites are not tattoo fan pages. They are "Like Farms." As Yahoo News explains:

Here's how it works. Someone creates a page and starts posting photos inspirational quotes or other innocent content. You like the page and it now shows up regularly in your news feed. Anytime you interact with a post, that activity shows up in your friends' news feeds.The more likes the page gets, the more it shows up. The more comments each picture gets, the more power the page gets in the Facebook news feed algorithm.And that makes it more and more visible.
When the page gets enough fans (a hundred thousand or more)the owner might start placing ads on the page. Those ads show up in your news feed. They could be links to an app, a game, or a service they want you to buy. It could be a "recommendation" for a product on Amazon where the page owner gets a commission for every purchase made through the link. Or more nefariously, the page owner could be paid to spread malware by linking out to sites that install viruses on your computer for the purposes of identity theft. Bottom line: access to your news feed is lucrative.
I came across the Yahoo News article thanks to Birmingham-based tattoo artist Goldilox, whose work was featured on the Facebook page Myttoo Tattoos & Piercings, without credit and with a caption linking to a clothing line (as shown in the screen capture above). Goldilox then shared with her own many fans how tattoo Like Farms are scamming tattoo fans, and encouraged people to speak out, report these sites to Facebook, and especially Unlike them.

Then the Facebook page "Credit My Work" was created to raise awareness of the issue. Now, that's a site you should like!

It's natural for us to want to follow sites that feature inspiring work, but we should do so only to those who support our community -- not exploit it.
07:33 PM
I'm wishing I was at the Singapore Tattoo Show, which was such a success last year and sure to be this weekend. [See a video preview of the show here on YouTube.] But we can enjoy some live action on Twitter. Here are my faves to follow:

  • * First, hit up the organizers' live feed: TattooPride. They've already begun posting photo links.

People are also now posting photos from the convention on its Facebook Wall. I'm really loving how tattoo conventions and social media are coming together so we can get a glimpse of shows around the world and also the views of those attending. Check'em.

03:17 PM
marisa heart.jpgI just checked my Facebook friends list and I have 660 of the most fabulous people sharing the love.

Brian mocks me because I obviously have never met all.  I'll usually confirm a friend unless they rep in a hateful way or know my father. I also just find it tremendously helpful to this blog because I get ideas or find tattoo events through the news feeds.

And now I'm just six people away from my 666th FB friend!

Soooo, I decided to reward that ominous beastie with my usual prize: crap from my parents' attic.

Befriend me here.

And while you're at it, join the Needles + Sins Syndicate for party and event updates as well as a forum to voice your thoughts on how to make the site better.

I kiss you!
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