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06:13 PM
Around 5am tomorrow morning, I'll feebly attempt to wake up, pull on a crusty pair of Levis and welcome Gene Priest and The Cardinal Sin (remember when I interviewed them a few months back?) into my home.  Not that I run a home for wayward musicians, or anything, but the boys will be traveling up from Knoxville, TN, tonight to do some shows and recording with me and my band over the next few nights.


Tomorrow night, we'll be jumping off at Fat Baby in NYC, with Gene starting at 8pm (I'll be sitting in with him on a few songs on lap-steel guitar) and my own band following up at 9pm.  The first 10 people to pay the $7 cover and tell the doorman they're there for "Brian Grosz" will get a complimentary copy of my 2007 album, Bedlam Nights.

The following night we'll be up at Two Boots in Bridgeport, CT, for a FREE show and then we'll wrap it up with a super-special secret-show somewhere in the northeast on Friday night - stay tuned for details on that one!

Marisa and I hope to see you out at Fat Baby tomorrow night - we'll have plenty of Needles and Sins and Lapdance Academy swag available for all!
04:06 PM
I almost feel guilty posting this, not only at the last minute, but because it will bump the coolest old lady I've ever seen beneath the fold, as it were (and I can eagerly announce that story-boarding for an animated video of Dogs of Winter's track, "Beneath the Fold" has already begun).  But let's not digress before we even get the damned car out of the garage...

fb.gifI would like to extend an invitation to all of my five-borough friends for an event this evening: a set of my acoustic, solo material at Fat Baby in the Lower East Side.  I will be taking the stage (or should I say, planting my narrow ass on a bar stool for an intimate serenade) at 8pm sharp, the cost is 7 bones and if you tell me you arrived via Needles and Sins, I'll be sure to buy you a beer of your choosing.

Hell, if I see enough adorned bodies, I'll be sure to play an extra-special version of Lydia The Tattooed Lady, just for you.


12:47 PM
dow_family.jpgIn all of her time blogging, I have never seen Marisa balk when it comes to shamelessly promoting someone's art, events or merchandise.  However, when she opened this blog to a group-authored format, I'm sure she had no idea the amount of Shameless Self-Promotion of which I'm capable (and I promise to keep my self-aggrandizing personality on frequent Time-Outs in the corner of the other room).

Some of us are old enough to remember when the corner of Rivington and Essex was a decent place to cop black-tar and Latin transvestite prostitutes - rather than the glass-and-steel luxury hotels and condominiums that keep popping up like pimples on high school Picture Day.  But that doesn't mean that you still can't find some blisteringly loud rock and roll in an questionably aromatic basement club in the LES.

So in an effort to gear up for the release of our upcoming album, "From Soil to Shale," my stoner-metal trio, Dogs of Winter, will be taking the Fat Baby stage at 8pm tonight, followed by my old friends in Lucky Ghost

Your attendence is requested and earplugs are suggested.

TONIGHT - MAR 18th - 8pm
Dogs of Winter at Fat Baby
112 Rivington St (at Essex) - NYC
w/Lucky Ghost at 9pm
cover charge: $7

[photo by: Sean Toussaint]

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