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02:49 PM
It's that time of year when social obligations of the holiday variety outweigh one's attempt to maintain a basic grasp of sanity and reality. Fear not, however, gentle reader... I am here to help you get dressed for these events quickly and in style.

metalsweater.jpgSnowflakes? Check. Inverted pentagram and crosses? Check. Goat skull in a Santa hat? Check. While they bill it as a "sweater" (it's actually just a sweatshirt), Century Media is offering this awesome, "Black Christmas" accoutrement for just $20.

Additionally, if you despise all the Christmas music that's undoubtedly being jammed into your ear-holes, might I recommend an album I recorded a few years ago with The Priestess and The Fool? It's totally free to download and we cover a handful of off-the-beaten-path holiday gems (plus, I love playing The Pogues at a country rhythm).

Click here to visit the site or click here to directly download the zip file.


01:52 PM
A good way to start the new year is with a freebie, especially if it's an engaging illustrated novel by prolific tattooist, painter and now author, Dan Henk.

The Black Seas of Infinity is described as a dark thriller with a sci-fi and horror vibe. Publisher's Anarchy Books are offering the eBook version of the novel free for the Kindle and viewing via the Kindle app (which works on multiple devices). This promotion is limited, just the next few days during the post New Year's hangover. The paperback is available for $10.88 on Amazon. 

The novel is written from the first-person perspective of the lone protagonist, who is working for the military, when he makes a discovery that will forever alter his life. Pulled from his job building surveillance drones, the antihero is brought into a clandestine military group investigating downed alien crafts. As a man who pined for a career in advanced physics, this was a dream come true -- but a short-lived one. He soon finds himself at odds with the powers that be and is expelled from the group. The problem is he knows too much. The story follows him through a bloody heist turned coup, the fall of the US government, and a subsequent maze of viperous confederacies. Society crumbles around him, and he flees to the jungles of Mexico. There he finds an even worse fate.

dan henk illustrations.jpgFor Dan, art and writing are intertwined. His eleven years tattooing and his fine art education clearly influence his prose, a fact that he doesn't deny. "I've been told I write with an artist's eye. I tend to fully describe a scene, not just flit through the highlights. I imagine myself there, in the midst of the scenario I'm creating, and I try to bring it to life with words." He's is currently working on a book of short stories, which Anarchy Books will also release as a paperback later this year.

Tattooing still dominates Dan's days. Check his site for tattoo work and his upcoming convention schedule.
01:47 PM

I've got a little something up my sleeve for all of you indie-pop/synth-rock geeks out there: the 10 butter-slathered tracks of Sex Griddle from NYC's Lucky Ghost (AKA, the quirky mind of multi-instrumentalist, Seth Berkowitz).  This album is definitely a must-have for any New Pornographers fans out there - or anyone who wishes that Weezer was still stuck in the 90s and, as a result, still writing great pop tunes.

Playing and recording 99% of the album's instruments himself at his home studio in Queens, Berkowitz continues along the path of his 2008 release (Network Stars), melding 70s prog, 80s pop and the chunky guitars of the 90s.  Or, as we've simply come to describe his sound: "like eating sugar cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons during nuclear winter."

The album is available as a free download at Lapdance Academy and, for those of you who'd like to get a sample, we encourage you to check out the video for "Made In America," pieced together with public-domain footage from my favorite place on the internet, The Prelinger Archives.

12:00 AM
I've released three new singles today on Lapdance Academy and, as is always the case, you can download them absolutely free!

First is a re-release of "Lady on the Low" from 2007's Bedlam Nights which has been bundled with a big-beat remix by Bridgeport, CT producer, Touch.  Next up is my cover of "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads (previously released on the Coverville tribute compilation) and last, but certainly not least, is Seraphim - a pair of traditional American spirituals featuring guest vocals from Emily Zuzik, Matt Whyte of Earl Greyhound and even our fearless Editrix-in-Chief.

So quit sitting on your thumbs and head to Lapdance Academy where you can stream, download and, yes, make a donation!
04:06 PM
Is this tattoo related?  No.  No it's not (unless you consider the fact that Marisa and I have had this track blasting on a continuous loop at the Needles and Sins Compound today whilst much booty-shaking has taken place).  Regardless, it's just too damned good of a song NOT to bring it to your attention.

Multi-instrumentalist Alex Walker teamed up with Brooklyn soul-singer Len Xiang and MC Kobie Powell (remember him from Us3 back in the 90s?) to give us "Gotta Lose" - a soul/hip-hop track that is easily replacing anything I had previously considered to be my "Summer Jam of 2010."

Not only is it available as a free download at Lapdance Academy, but Alex has decided to make the instrumental/vocal stems available (as well as an Apple GarageBand file) and publish the track under a Creative Commons License.  This enables all of you remixers/producers/masher-uppers to hack away at the song to your heart's content - and select remixes will be given fresh cover-art (courtesy of yours truly) and added to the Lapdance Academy catalog.

Personally, I can't wait to fire up the synths and drum-machines this weekend and get my "hard-house, hyphy, ragga, shoegaze" remix on...
09:56 AM
I had to get the Christian fish tattoo. The problem came the other way & when I rejoined Tap and they looked at the fish tattoo and said, "what's this?" So, after a few days of thinking about it in consultation with my tattoo master, I had a second tattoo...this was before laser removal of course...a second tattoo of a very large devil with an open mouth consuming the fish. So, I made it a two parter.

Yup, those are the words of Spinal Tap bassist, Derek Smalls (as interviewed by Ear Candy Mag), on his brief stint with with Christian rock group, Lambsblood, and his subsequent return to the almighty Spinal Tap.

shark_sandwich.jpgI have to admit, I was a little amazed that my webernets-search for Spinal Tap tattoos came up almost entirely empty.  Given the wealth of Ironic Ink out there, you'd think that someone out there would have tattooed the numbers 1-11 around their nipple like a Marshall knob or some Celtic armband homage to an 18" Stonehenge.  All I managed to find was the image at right, which admittedly is pretty rad - Eric Mai's ink is a tribute to a Tap album that was mentioned in the film but never actually released, Shark Sandwich (and, yes, Tap *did* release albums and even tour).

"Why all this talk of the Tap," you ask?

Because Lapdance Academy has some new, free music for all of you - a trilogy of works from the canon of Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls and whichever drummer hasn't spontaneously combusted just yet.

First up, is "Rock N Roll Creation" from my stoner-metal act, Dogs of Winter.  Drop-tuned to a sludge-tastic C# standard as two drum kits pound away in tribal fury, not only does RRC feature an analog-keyboard breakdown, but it's also got a sample of the pre-natal heartbeat of bassist/vocalist Ryan Dowd's son (not to mention some killer cover-art for you fantasy-genre junkies by illustrator, Joe Boyle).

But the real kicker for you members of the Needles and Sins Syndicate will be my piano/guitar arrangement of "Lick My Love Pump," which features vocals from the lady of the manor herself, Miss Marisa!  I managed to convince her to purr and coo Nigel's lines from that infamous scene (performed here by Legos!!) and all I had to do was make some vague promises about housekeeping, bathing and dinner at a four-star restaurant.  (Oh yeah, I also did a blues cover of "Gimme Some Money," which is a part of the same download.)

Who says we never give ya nuttin for nuttin?

Dogs of Winter -
Brian Grosz & The Bad Idea -
03:43 PM
beneaththefold.jpgIt's no secret: I love playing cover songs.  I take great pleasure in arranging (and re-arranging) a composition to give it a Pretty-Woman/Eliza-Doolittle makeover to turn the whore into a saint, or vicea versa.  It's an extra treat when the song I'm "covering" is one of my own.

Today marks the release of "Beneath The Fold" from my stoner-metal band, Dogs of Winter.  We stripped down the psychedelic maelstrom (as it appears on From Soil To Shale) to a few acoustic guitars and a string section and I have to admit, I can't decide which version I like better.

You can download the MP3 in two high-quality bitrates at - bundled with a PDF digibooklet featuring artwork from Boston-based illustrator, Joe Boyle (the design process for which, he blogs about here).

I also got to lose my mind for a few days, scouring the Prelinger collection of royalty-free movies at and cobbled together a companion video for the track.  Any filmmakers/video-artists out there really need to take advantage of this amazing collection.

Let us know what you think of the track and the video in the comments, would ya?

[UPDATE: my previous link to Joe's illustration process was based on the old cover, here's his process-piece on "Beneath The Fold" for all of you art-nerds]
05:54 PM
mock1.gifNot to say that I'm among their ranks, but I happen to know a lot of talented people.  People who inspire me through their individual avenues of expression - be it music, acting, writing, painting, tattooing, photography or just bare-bones intelligence.  And then there are people like Alex Walker - a guy who has made myself and plenty of my rock-n-roll cronies just shake our heads and mutter, "Shit... I ain't NEVER gonna be that good."  Whether he's finger-picking a Leo Brouwer Etude on the subway platform or creating a delay-pedal homage to Michael Jackson in his bedroom, I always have to sit back and drool.

So its with great pleasure that I announce today's official release of his latest track, "Sacrifice," available for free download at

You can read Alex's thoughts on the song over here at his blog, but I prefer the opening paragraph from his press release:

How do you release a "Summer Anthem" during a season plagued with monsoons worthy of a January in Jakarta?  If you're ALEX WALKER, you don't give a fuck; you just write the song and wait for Al Roker, Al Gore and the rest of the world to catch up with you.  SACRIFICE, the latest single from ALEX WALKER, is the track you would have heard bumping from drop-tops in every major city if we had actually had a "summer."

It's free to download, so quit sittin on yer thumbs and get clicking!
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