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star wars tattoo flash.jpg
This Saturday, December 13th, is the opening of Hope Gallery's "The Artwork Strikes Back," a Star Wars extravaganza, featuring tribute tattoos, a fine art show, raffles, cocktails, music and more. It's perfect timing in light of the recent excitement over the release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser. [As I noted last week, there's already a Force Awakens tattoo.]

Starting at 1pm (til when they pass out), Joe Capobianco along with the Hope crew and special guest artists Rodney Raines and Obie Hughes will be offering $50 Star Wars tattoos from a limited edition flash poster, shown above. Then at 6pm, the art show opening kicks off, exhibiting Star Wars themed fine art from top tattooers including, Gunnar, Dave Fox, Kelly Doty, BJ Betts, Mike Demasi, Adrian Domenick, and many other greats, as you can see from the flyer below.

Cocktails flow at 7pm, and giveaways from Gentle Giant start at 8pm. A fantastic event for geeks and freaks alike!  

TheArtStrikesBackBackWeb copy.jpg
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Hauf-Gal.jpgDuring our calendar contest, I asked y'all to tell me, on the Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook, what you'd like to see more of on the site. A few people said they wanted more personal tattoo stories from collectors, as well as the artist interviews. Well, I hear ya!

Here's a great story from Dave Copeland. Dave & I started chatting about the artists in my "Color Tattoo Art" book and how he was collecting work from many of them. I asked him to send me a pic of one of the tattoos, and he graciously sent his latest one, which was done by the wonderful Joe Capobianco -- renowned for his signature style of pin-ups, which are so distinct, people call them "Capo Girls." [Check my Q&A with Joe from a couple of years ago about how he developed his style.]

Dave also shared the story behind the tattoo (which just won "Best Large Color" at the DC Tattoo Expo)

beer frau.jpg"I was in the Army for 14 years, and my first duty station was Augsburg, Germany in Bavaria. While there, I learned fluent German, I got married, had my son, and all in all had the most enjoyable years of my life. One of the biggest things we'd do (before the marriage and kid) was to go to festivals (fests) and drink copious amounts of German beer from the 1 liter beer mugs (Mass). The women at the fests wore dirndls--and traditionally in Bavaria, they wore blue and white dirndls. One of my favorite places to go was a full-time fest haus in Munich called The Hofbrauhaus (hence the HB on the mug). I later did another tour in Mainz where the tradition continued, but Bavaria was always my favorite part of Germany. I even speak German with Bavarian accent.

When deciding on my tattoo, I wanted either a hula pin-up for my time in Hawaii, or a beer pin-up for my time in Germany. I saw that Joe has done a ton of hula tattoos, but I didn't see a beer girl in his repertoire, so that's what I went with. He is going to do the other side with a Hawaiian theme, and I'll be hard-pressed to not have a pinup on that side, given how well this one turned out.
Maybe this is more detail than you care to hear, but Joe was a super cool dude on top of being a great artist. He was very humble and down to earth, and talking with him was like talking with an old friend. Sometimes, trying to connect with your artist can be difficult, but Joe made it easy. He gladly signed the "Color Tattoo Art" book and his own book and drew me some purdy pictures to go with his signature.

Joe's Hope Gallery was awesome and the people there were awesome. The shop is ultra-professional, and this is literally, the first time I had an artist meet with me and start on time. Joe does all his own setup and break down, and the air of pretension that comes with a lot of artists, simply wasn't there. It was also pretty cool to get tattooed while listening to a mix of doo-wop and music from across many decades, and not be bombarded by constant death metal.

All in all, by far the best shop I have been in."
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bloodpuddinpromoavailnow.jpgThe winner of Joe Capobianco's "Blood Puddin" contest is ... Iowa's own Mark Eckman. Mark was chosen by out of all those who Tweeted at us and posted in our Facebook group page. Congrats!

Mark will be getting a signed copy of Joe's latest publication "Blood Puddin" as well as 3 mini prints, 5 full color stickers, 6 "Capo Gal" buttons, and a set of "Best Ink" temporary tattoos. You can find them all for sale at Joe's online store.

To check some of the artwork in person, this Saturday, May 12th, is the opening of "The Art of Blood Puddin" at Hope Gallery Tattoo in New Haven, CT. The exhibit will include new works by Joe as well as a host of other artists including Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Amber Carr, Carlos Rojas, Carlos Torres, Joe Linsner, David Nestler, Alisa Bruneli, Steve Prue and many more. More info on the show here.

Thanks to all who played along. Lots more contests to come!
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bloodpuddinpromoavailnow.jpgGot another contest for ya, this time it's artful swag from one of our faves, Joe Capobianco of Hope Gallery in New Haven CT.

Joe is giving you a "Taste of Blood Puddin" with this special giveaway. This package contains a signed copy of Joe's latest publication "Blood Puddin" featuring all new paintings, sketches, and tattoos. You'll also get 3 mini prints, 5 full color stickers, 6 "Capo Gal" buttons, and a set of "Best Ink" temporary tattoos. It's our sexiest contest to date!

As usual, this is how to play:  the winner will be selected randomly from those who comment (any sweet nothing will do) on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or Tweet at us. In one week, on May 8th at noon ET, we'll put all the names of the commenters into and the internet gods will chose.

To get an up close and personal taste of "Blood Puddin," join Joe, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Amber Carr, Carlos Rojas, Carlos Torres, Joe Linsner, and many more for "The Art of Blood Puddin" opening reception Saturday, May 12th, at Hope Gallery.
Go to for more info.

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A new tattoo site, The Hope Blog -- a project of Hope Gallery Tattoo -- features tons of gems beyond studio news, including a post on "Henry Rollins: The Whiteboard."

Created by artist Brandon Bird, the 9" x 12.5" dry erase board allows you to "create a world where Henry Rollins has the exact tattoos you've always wanted him to have." I'm thinking a portrait ode to Beyonce, but Bird seems to be more of a Frasier fan. [See below.] Let's just hope neither causes a trend like that bar code tattoo.

The Henry Rollins Tattoo Whiteboard is available for $20 plus shipping on TopatoCo.

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Marrying low brow art to tattoo flash, Quick & Painful, is a traveling exhibition and tattoo event where 15 artists and designers (with backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, and illustration) present their own special take on classic tattoo design sheets. All of the flash sets will be available for purchase at each of the show dates and available online at The Hope Shop starting October 9th.

The stellar line-up includes Alex Pardee, Amanda Visell, Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas, Camilla D'Errico, David Horvath, Devilrobots, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, MIST, Ron English, Sam Flores, TADO, Tara McPherson, and Tokidoki co-founder and Creative Director Simone Legno.

At each event, attendees will be able to chose their favorite designs from the sheets off the walls and get them tattooed by renowned artists including Joe Capobianco, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Jime Litwalk, Dan Smith, Patrick Cornolo, and Sean Adams. Here's more info on getting tattooed there.

The show bears the definitive mark of its curator, Nichole East, who reached out to iconic artists from her Pop Art background. She says, "After years of working in the low brow and pop art scene, I started to see how many fans were getting tattoos of my favorite artists. It seemed a natural urge to make sure it was done right."

Here are the places and dates for Quick & Painful:

August 27th, 7-10pm
Hope Gallery in New Haven, CT

September 3rd, 7-10pm
Crewest Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

October 8th, 7-10pm
Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, IL

December 1-4th
Art Basel in Miami, FL

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This Saturday, June 4th, Hope Gallery pays tribute The Misfits with "We are 138," a group show of 138 artists (largely tattooists) presenting 7x7 works inspired by the horror punk band. The opening, which starts at 7pm,  promises "famous monsters" along with food, drink, and pretty people. The exhibit runs until July 9th.

On Hope Gallery's Facebook page, there's a fun series of quick & dirty mini-interviews with participating artists, including Dan Smith whose painting and tattoo work is shown below. Here's a bit from that Q&A:

What song did you get for WE ARE 138?
Who Killed Marilyn?

How did you get inspired to paint your piece?
Marilyn Monroe has always been someone who I have been intrigued by so the inspiration to paint her came very quickly. She has such a timeless, unique profile so obviously mixing the fiend skull with one of Marilyn's countless sexy poses made a lot of sense to me.

What is the best Misfits Album?
Static Age was the first record I got, so naturally it will stay with me as being the most memorable. Its probably the most raw and fast Misfits record too.

What is your favorite Misfits lyric?
"I want your skull. I need your skull."

What is it about the Misfits that makes them so iconic?
I think the fact they were completely original in that time. There were other bands that captured that sound somewhat, but none that looked the way the misfits did. Everything image-wise made total sense, and the logo was the icing on the cake. Timeless and recognizable from across the room!
More on the "We are 138" show at

Dan Smith_Who Killed Marylin.jpegdan smith tattoo.jpg
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4521101897_c1d2098ce6.jpg In celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, this Friday from 7-10 PM, Hope Gallery Presents "Distubance in the Force: A Tribute to the greatest movie series in history: STAR WARS."

The show will feature original works by over 30 renowned artists from all backgrounds including  Joe Capobianco, Tim Harris, Phil Young, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, The Beast Brothers, Sket-One, Jime Litwalk, Tony Ciavarro, BEZ KYNST, Bezerc, Lawrence DiGusto, Jr., Tom Strom, Jackee Strom, Amber Carr, Dan Dos Santos, Craig Driscoll, Keith Ciaramello, Nikko, Christopher Uminga, Chuckboy, Silas Finch, Durb Morrison, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Project Detonate, OsiRisORion, Toby Stranger, Ernesto Nave, Dimitri HK, Christian Perez, Martin Silva, Kelly Doty, Steph D, Lawrence Woods, Augie Pagan, Travis Franklin, Jason Allen, Polly Hatter, and more.

There will be also be food, booze, Storm Troopers, and giveaways provided by Gentle Giant. 

Then on Saturday, June 5th, you'll be able to view all of the works for sale on the Hope Gallery Shop and purchase the paintings and prints online through July 5th.

Bonus video: The Family Guy video below has nothing to do with the Hope Gallery Show or tattoos in general. I watched it on last night & wanted to share it because it's the best Star Wars parody I've seen. Seriously, you'll hurt yourself laughing.

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wild things are tattoo.jpg
Where The Wild Things Are tattoo by Shaun Topper of Da Vinci Tattoo

Last night, Brian and I went to see Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are -- both of us being childhood fans of Maurice Sendak's book -- and it definitely did not disappoint.

The picture book and film tug at all emotion: anger, joy, fear, love, trust ... so it's not surprising that those wanting to wear their hearts on their sleeves choose WTWTA tattoos. And there are many.

Here are some picks of my faves in addition to the above by Shaun Topper:

In fact, tons of WTWTA tattoos flood Flickr, and more are being added to the movie's blog.

On the non-tattoo tip, psych and philosophy buffs will love this NY Times Op-Ed on the film, where David Brooks offers gems like this:
"People have only vague intuitions about the instincts and impulses that have been implanted in them by evolution, culture and upbringing. There is no easy way to command all the wild things jostling inside."

Go see the film. You'll love it so.
Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery in Douglasville, GA will have Where The Wild Things Are tribute days this Thursday and Friday. Dave Kruseman will be tattooing designs of characters from the book with prices ranging from $50 to $150 these two days only. It's a first come first serve deal with food and drinks while you wait. See sample flash sheets here. Sweeeet!
Thanks, David G, for the heads up.
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