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11:49 AM

While I secretly wish that I was London Tattoo Convention this weekend, I'm going to openly revel in Kustom Kulture thanks to the Flakes & Flames documentary from Dirk Bealau and Jesper Bram.  The filmmakers have been traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe to seek out "the world's best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters and pin-up models to share their tricks and experience."

They've got some slick preview videos up on their site, but I'm partial to the one above, with footage of artists The Pizz, Coop and Von Franco - plus some gnarly bikes and hot-rods spinning their wheels and kicking up bleach-burns.

Flakes & Flames will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2012 and, I have to admit, I'll be gifting it to myself as soon as it's available.
11:16 AM
This past Saturday, Brian and I checked out the annual Rumblers car show in Brooklyn and it's safe to say that we were part of a tattoo majority. And I'm not just talking about a couple of cherries on wanna-be pin-ups. I'm talking full on sleeves, neck and hand tattoos -- career-killer work -- on tar stained greasers. Needless to say, it was hot.

But while I was ogling the decorated human bodies, Brian was all about the metal. And he had the camera. So our Rumblers Flickr Set is largely of cars and bikes. Go figure.

While he ran around shooting skull shifters, I was looking at the clutches -- of the handbag style -- at the Father Panik Industries booth, who were also selling their famed Knux nameplates.

I also hung out with Suze of Inborn Tattoo who just finished her apprenticeship with Ray Jerez and is hungry for skin to get her portfolio going. Inborn had a table selling tees and giving away stickers. No tattooing among the exhaust fumes.

After breathing in enough of those fumes, we headed to Union Pool for a drink where we found plenty of cherry-tattooed pin-up girls relaxing on the cool, beer soaked bar stools, legs crossed to attract bachelors in wife beaters. There were veteran couples in matching dirty denim and ink. Bikers. Rockers. At least one tattoo blogger.

It was quintessential Brooklyn badassness. Look forward to next year.
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