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11:32 AM
The iPad can be a fantastic tool for tattoo artists, from sketching ideas and creating tattoo designs, to using it as a slim and portable portfolio showcase. And the gadget itself can be customized to be more artful as well.

Offering more options than Apple's standard wallpapers is, a site that allows you to download higher resolution retina artwork by top designers for free. I was excited to see some of my favorite paintings there from tattooist Lea Vendetta, including "Big Kahuna" above and "La Clef De Mon Coeur."

While Lea is garnering attention lately for her Ink Masters performance and fashion spreads in magazines like Maxim and Inked, she's also a highly accomplished painter whose work weaves tattoo culture with Parisian underground imagery (among other subjects).

Check more of her paintings here and her tattoo work here.
10:25 AM
My iPhone and iPad are littered with tattoo apps, from portable art references to fun photo games where I give my mom big tribal face tattoos. Today's technology can keep an ancient art thriving with educational offerings and digital creative tools. It can hit hit the mark with apps like the art of Horiyoshi III & Sailor Jerry or it can be a bit creepy with fetish galleries of tattooed feet (don't Google it).

The new Instattoo iOS app is neither awesome nor creepy. It's meh.

The app is largely designed as a creative tool but with little creativity. Billing itself as "The World's First Tattoo Design Generator" (which I doubt), Instattoo gives you a bunch of squiggly lines and let's you morph the patterns in a kaleidoscope-like fashion with a few swipes across your iPad or iPhone screen. "No need to draw!", their headline says! Once you create your "unique" work of art, you can then broadcast it to thousands of your closest social networking friends ... and even better, bring it to a tattoo shop where of course no one there will laugh at you.

[You may think this is just ugly blogger sarcasm, but what's uglier is that someone actually did get a tattoo from this app, as shown in the video below.]

Snark aside, I don't completely hate it because digitally manipulating patterns to create custom tattoos is often used by top artists today and has great potential. Granted, an app like this is too simplified, but it could be a way to play with ideas on the road and then flesh them out in a more sophisticated program or on paper. Or even skin. The idea is there with Instattoo but not the execution, especially with such limited and banal patterns available. It's also worth repeating, although obvious, that a design on a 2D surface doesn't always translate on skin; for example, lines not properly spaced can blur together.

When considering your next tattoo, sometimes it's best to put the tablet down and just talk with a good artist. 

01:22 PM
I had such a blast talking to Zane Claes and Mark Shore for their "Let Us Present" podcast, where they invite a variety of bloggers, musicians, podcasters, etc. from across the web to join them for a conversation. I talked about top tattoo art, scratchers, Leviticus and the law, among other things. Surprise, surprise.

You can listen to me blah blah for 30 minutes(!) here or subscribe to their Podcast on iTunes. [It says "explicit" in the description but I said nothing salacious, I swear.] The podcast is delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Zane and Mark are the brains behind Streamified, an iPhone and iPad app that takes all your social streams and puts them in one sweet journal. It's not just a reader, however. You can update your status, capture pics, retweet, bookmark your favorite posts -- like me talking for a half hour? -- and all those wonderful time wasters.

Learn more about Streamified on iTunes. Also check them on Facebook and Twitter: @letuspresent, @streamified, @inZania, and @markshore12.

And remember, we're also on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to comment there.
05:14 PM
horiyoshi iii app.jpg
Tons of tattoo-related apps have flooded the iTunes store, but a number are indeed worthy of precious space on your iPhone and iPads. Two such apps, which share the work of Horiyoshi III (one of Japan's foremost tattoo masters), are  Horiyoshi 3 and "100 Demons."

The recently released Horiyoshi 3 app is a digital compendium of "photos and drawings for an intimate view of his life and works" -- with some never-before-seen sketches. There are also images of his studio and his Yokohama tattoo museum. You can do a keyword search through images and bookmark your favorite images. They can also be emailed, which could be handy if you want to give your tattooist some ideas for your next work (for inspiration, not copying of course). It's available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $4.99.

The "100 Demons" app is the digital version of the Master's 1998 book of illustrations of Japanese demons and mythological creatures and warriors -- which is no longer in print nor available digitally elsewhere. As stated in its iTunes description, "By working closely with the original publisher, we have been granted exclusive rights to release the book in this form. In addition, Horiyoshi III himself has personally reviewed and approved this release." The chapters are easy to navigate and images can be viewed in picture frame mode for a better look. It's available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $9.99.

Both are worth the money, especially for fans of Japanese tattoo art.

100 demons.jpg
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