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03:47 PM

"Hi, this is Fox News..."
(Translation: your arch enemy would like to pull some Old Testament shit and invite you into the lion's den, Daniel)

"We'd like you to come on and just talk about tattoos... it's pre-taped so no prep-questions are necessary."

(Translation: we are going to edit the shit out of this piece to fit our own agenda)

"Can you come in at 9am?"
(Translation: you will be extremely tired and barely coherent)

That said... How could my internal "media-whore" say no?! After all, if they're going to be interviewing a can-tanned PR agent and a dude from the NY Giants, they should at least have one tattooed person on the show, right?

Now, if I can clarify: I have no problem with uncoverable/facial tattoos. I think (when done well) they can be a beautiful thing. What I was commenting upon was the majority of young folks making such extreme choices early in their life - and, more importantly, the lack of ethical concerns from tattooists who are more than willing to, for example... tattoo their name on a woman's face.

As a guy who rides the subway in Brooklyn every day, I've seen far too many names inked into the hands and necks of young men and women who are barely old enough to legally buy cigarettes, much less make such a lasting life-decision. (Personally, I believe in the "judge and jury" rule - I don't want a tattoo that I can't cover with a suit and tie, lest I be discriminated against in an important situation). In such instances, I think it's an irresponsible decision from those on both sides of the tattoo machine.

I'm also very upset that they edited out the bit where I said, "I think the NFL has a negative impact on tattooing. These men are millionaires and they get some of the most mediocre work I've ever seen."

But, I will admit that I'm kinda glad that the offensive tackle didn't hear me say that.

So... enjoy the puff-piece.
06:29 PM
I learned from Colin Dale this afternoon that ManWoman passed away peacefully this morning after a bout with terminal cancer.  Manny was an artist and poet but best known for his work reclaiming the "gentle swastika."  Manny was such a bright light, and while I'm saddened by the news, I also had to smile thinking of our brief time together and all the experiences he shared and giggles we had over them. He will be deeply missed by so many.

Shannon of posted his tribute to ManWoman today and included this video below, in which Manny offers his "final thoughts" less than ten days ago. The whole video is beautiful but ends powerfully on these words:

Find the gift that is in you. You're in this world as a gift of god to this world, so get busy doing it!
I'm on it, Manny!

For more on his thoughts about art, spirituality and the swastika, I'm posting my Q&A with ManWoman, which took place at the Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival in Ireland in 2010, and was published in the October 2010 issue of the UK's Total Tattoo magazine. Find it below the video (after the jump).

RIP ManWoman.

Interview with ManWoman ...
09:36 AM
inked michelle myles.jpg
In the November issue of Inked mag, on newsstands now, editor Rocky Rakovic interviews Michelle Myles, boss lady of NYC's Daredevil and Fun City tattoo studios (which she co-owns with Brad Fink).

In this refreshingly frank Q&A, Michelle talks about tattooing in NYC when it was still illegal and underground (the tattoo ban was lifted in 1997), the popularity of Americana tattoos among hipsters and how NY Ink is "cast like the Jersey Shore." Here's a taste of that talk:

Speaking of competition, how do you feel about NY Ink?

It's embarrassing. I mean, I really like Tim Hendricks -- nothing but respect for him and I actually don't know much about the other people or whoever it is on the show. But I think it is unrealistic and gross the way it is portrayed. It's so heavily scripted. They're not even New Yorkers. Chris Torres is the only one from New York; they cast NY Ink like its the Jersey Shore. But it's not even reality TV -- just bad acting. They think there's some kind of truth in it, and there isn't. I think I wrote on my blog, that to me, their tattoo shop is equivalent of Monica's apartment on Friends because it's so unrealistic. And to hear Ami [James] whine, "I'm not going to be able to pay the rent"... I heard he made two million dollars.

You seem pretty offended by it.

It's just absurd and gross to anyone trying to pay their rent in NYC for any amount of time to hear them say, "Oh, I hope to get business" when they have ads on the sides of buses. I mean, my neighborhood used to be a shit hole and now it's super trendy, but we somehow managed to hang on. So if anybody takes away from that and saunters in with a TV show, yes, I resent that.

But don't you want to riffraff tourists to fill up that shop and not yours?

We want the riffraff! We want anyone's money! Anyone who comes into my shop is going to be treated well. I mean, as long as they're in line. We don't tolerate someone who comes in and acts like a jerk. But we welcome anybody in our shop. It doesn't matter if you don't have tattoos or never have been to a tattoo shop. There are no stupid questions, and we're happy to take anybody. We're not going to make anybody feel bad because they're not cool enough.


In the rest of the interview, Michelle discusses how she came to the art, her influences, and why she loves being a New York tattooer. A fun read.

See more of Michelle's work here and check her musings on tattooing here.

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