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Graffiti artists turned tattooists, including MED (from Tuff City), are traveling to Sderot, the town bordering the Gaza Strip, as cultural ambassadors for Artists 4 Israel.

While there, they will be painting bomb shelters, turning burnt out buildings into living art installations, and practicing art therapy for children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And, hopefully, collaborating on a backpiece. Mine!

Politics aside, this is an amazing opportunity for artists to prove that creativity and unity supersede terror and war every time...even if it is only for a brief, beautiful moment.

These artists are donating their time and the city of Sderot are opening their homes to provide food and lodging for the artists. If you'd like to contribute to the journey, click the link below. Every little bit helps. Bigger bits help more. Who has the biggest bits?

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I am going to ask that everyone please put their sarcasm hats on for this one. Tie the chin-strap tight. Now, lets begin.

As you can tell by the Tattoo Design Shop's authentic images of only the most talented and creative tattoo work (the model sporting the double heart with arrow surely looks like a tattoo aficionado), they're the premiere site for tattoo information and news. This is why I am overjoyed to read the press release announcing their ever important page on the significance of star tattoos.

Been stalking that cute girl with blooming star pattern across her face?

Well, now, you have reason to strike up that happy conversation since you are fully briefed in the meaning of her personal, artistic choice! The only problem is that this site might (and I say this with utmost shock), just might, not be one hundred percent accurate.

According to them, "The Star of David is a symbol garnered from the Israeli flag that helps define this religion." Beyond being a sentence with very little grammatical direction, it is also incredibly wrong. As if the state of Israel chose the star as its symbol out of a mix of wing-ding fonts. The Star of David can be traced all the way back to....get this now...David. Thus, the name. And, it was representative of the Jewish people as far back as ... at least before the internet was invented. I guess I am going to have to go back to personal agency, free will and my own creative impulses when it comes to choosing the symbolism -- if any -- of my next tattoo.
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