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Back in 2009, Pat interviewed Brooklyn-based tattooist John Reardon -- author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo -- when John was working at Saved Tattoo. Check the Q&A here.

Today, the bearded bombshell tattoos out of his own private studio in Williamsburg and continues to work in a broad range of styles, with a particular bent toward Neo-Traditional imagery. Capturing the vibe of the studio, Bryce Ward created this video above for our viewing pleasure.

* More of John's tattoo work here.
* Bryce's still photography here.
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john reardon tattoo2.jpg On Friday, Marisa posted a bit of an introduction on tattooer John Reardon, which let's us skip the foreplay and get straight to the Q&A.

I met up with John at Brooklyn's venerable Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg and headed around the corner to Roebling Tea Room to talk about tattoos, his book (the Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo) and cheeseburgers. Here's how it went.

PS: I think I'm just gonna get the oatmeal. I actually ate before I came over here...
JR: I'm doin' the pork roll. I was actually here for breakfast, this morning. I had the granola then... Ah, fuck it, I'm getting a cheeseburger. I kind of eat like an asshole.

(Laughs) All right. Wanna start?

Where're you from originally?
Massachusetts. Hanover.

And how'd you get into tattooing?
My dad had tattoos. I don't know, we were kinda white trash.

How long you been tattooing?
It's thirteen years this summer. 

And how'd you learn?
Just started hacking away at my friends. A guy up in New Hampshire helped me out, showed me what to do, but if I ever had any questions, I could usually call him up and he'd help me out over the phone. 

Did he give you a machine?
Ah... I ordered some shitty machine from the back of a magazine. I was 18, just graduated high school, my friends chipped in. It was illegal in Massachusetts and we were tired of going to Rhode Island or New Hampshire to get tattooed. I was going to art school and they were like, 'You're gonna learn how to tattoo.'

And you went to Pratt, right?

I heard something about you teaching Eli Quinters how to tattoo?
Um, no, not really. I mean we just kind of hung out. We were like the only Straight Edge kids on campus for the most part. The first time we hung out was at a Hatebreed/Bloodlet show. And he's like, 'Hey, uh, you do tattoos, right?' and I said yeah and he had this big fucked up tattoo on his back and he asked me to fix it so I said all right. We just ended up hanging out after that. And he asked me to teach him how to tattoo. I was like, 'I can show you all the shit that I know,' but I didn't really know shit at the time. And then he ended up getting an apprenticeship at the shop I worked at.

Where was that?
Medusa on St. Marks. It's not there anymore. I started there in '98 and he started there in '99, I think. 

So how'd you end up at Saved?
I knew Scott Campbell for a while and we always used to drink together...

This was after the straight edge phase.
Oh yeah, yeah (laughs) that kinda fell off around 2000. But Eric Jones was quitting so I filled in for him.

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idiots guide to tattoo.jpg
Considering Pat Sullivan, our resident "I-Swear-I'm-Not-A-Hipster" blogger, will soon be interviewing John Reardon, I felt it fitting to revisit the tattooist's book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo.

Released last year, John walks readers through every step of the process, from deciding on the art and artist, to physically prepping for the event, to aftercare. It's a comprehensive guide for first-timers, which also features his own tattoo art and designs.

For those looking to get tattooed by John, he now divides his time between Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn and Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark (ya know, just the next exit on the Brookly-Queens Expressway). Pat will have more on the artist coming soon.

While John does a great job with the book, I did want to add five tips, rather warning signs, on when walk away from the needles:

1. If the studio slogan is this:  "If You Can't Run With The Big Dogz, Go Piss With The Puppies," walkz away.

2. If the design has you feeling less like Megan Fox and more like Meghan McCain, walk away.

3. If your tattoo artist has a "degree" from the Las Vegas Ink School, walk away. In fact, if you are prone to seizures, don't even click the animated Giff-laden site for the school.
[Thanks, Chris, for the link and headache.]

4. If the artist's portfolio is consistently featured on the Fail blog, walk away.

5. Finally, if your tattoo artist looks like this and is willing to tattoo a full constellation on your young face, walk away. Or at least walk away from the media blitz.
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