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The tattoo news this week has been a pop culture bonanza. It was all about fashion, celebs and products, and so my review today will be a tattoo tapas of tasty tidbits. It won't fill you up, but you can enjoy a guilty pleasure every now and then.

Let's start with the surreal ...

With Patrick Swayze's passing, comes the birth of Swayze tribute tattoos. Like this Swayze Pour Vida backpiece (above) [via Louise Palanker]. But we all know that nothing will ever come close to the Swayze centaur tattoo. Point. Laugh.

We wouldn't be able to do our internet point-and-laugh thang is we all listened to Kelly Osbourne. Kelly, known for her high style (and sobriety), is telling the world 'Don't get a tattoo." And we agree. Don't get her patchwork of badly thought-out work like the Nicole Richie-inspired mini-angel wings or the I'm-a-musician-so-tattoo-a-keyboard-on-me tattoo. [Thanks David!] I would, however, consider an Ozzy Pour Vida tramp stamp.

For true high style, check the Rodarte tribal inspired collection, which the fab Susanah Breslin was all aTwitter on Tuesday. Backstage turned into a faux tattoo shop with MAC artists creating Polynesian inspired designs on models using body markers.

Grazia mag has the deets: "Eight different half sleeve, four full sleeve and one neck tattoo design were being drawn onto the models with a medical marker (think plastic surgery type pen) a concept MAC are testing out for a body art product, PRO Micronized Airbrush in Black Black and Liquidlast Liner in Point Black." See pics here and here.

military badass.jpgThe Rodarte show was inspired by female warriors of tribal cultures, but check this image (right) of one of our own from[Thanks, Scott!]

Speaking of cheez...Vince Neil of Motley Crue opened his second tattoo shop.

And if that wasn't one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, then Rihanna's tattoo debut was. But the The New York City Department of Health wasn't having it. They fined East Side Ink where Rihanna tattooed several of the shop's employees for "operating with an unlicensed tattoo artist on site." The fine amount could range from $200-$2000.

In North Caroline, a couple of kitchen table scratchers were arrested when a teen they tattooed got a staph infection from bad inking. They are charged with tattooing without a permit and tattooing a juvenile.

If people wanna play tattooist, they should go to Toys R Us, not ebay for starter kits. I've blogged about GR8 TaT2 Maker for years but HuffPost just caught on & listed it under its 7 Most Inappropriate Products for Children. Next to the Pole Dancing doll. [Thanks, Urban Gypsy (NSFW)]

If that didn't leave you feelin dirty, these links will:

And with the image of the beautiful Megan Fox, I'll leave you now and wish you a wonderful weekend.
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idiots guide to tattoo.jpg
Considering Pat Sullivan, our resident "I-Swear-I'm-Not-A-Hipster" blogger, will soon be interviewing John Reardon, I felt it fitting to revisit the tattooist's book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo.

Released last year, John walks readers through every step of the process, from deciding on the art and artist, to physically prepping for the event, to aftercare. It's a comprehensive guide for first-timers, which also features his own tattoo art and designs.

For those looking to get tattooed by John, he now divides his time between Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn and Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark (ya know, just the next exit on the Brookly-Queens Expressway). Pat will have more on the artist coming soon.

While John does a great job with the book, I did want to add five tips, rather warning signs, on when walk away from the needles:

1. If the studio slogan is this:  "If You Can't Run With The Big Dogz, Go Piss With The Puppies," walkz away.

2. If the design has you feeling less like Megan Fox and more like Meghan McCain, walk away.

3. If your tattoo artist has a "degree" from the Las Vegas Ink School, walk away. In fact, if you are prone to seizures, don't even click the animated Giff-laden site for the school.
[Thanks, Chris, for the link and headache.]

4. If the artist's portfolio is consistently featured on the Fail blog, walk away.

5. Finally, if your tattoo artist looks like this and is willing to tattoo a full constellation on your young face, walk away. Or at least walk away from the media blitz.
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